The UK : given over to a depraved mind


“Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done”.

……..Romans  1 : 28……

Laws and rights are not formed or arrived at from a vacuum but rather reflect the world view of the people or , more usually the elite .

The UK was once a christian country i.e its laws were formed within the Judeo-christian world view which is based on the bible. In the judeo-christian world view marriage is between a man and a woman and reflects the Image of God. Sexual activity is disciplined and is sanctioned only in marriage.

Today the UK is substantially a secular / atheist , neo-pagan society with a nihilistic and anarchist world view on sexuality i.e all relationships are equally valid and all activities no matter how depraved are to be considered normal. In secularism / atheism sex must be the one area of human activity that has no rules or requires any discipline .

Once one understands this fundamental philosophical shift it is easy to understand the UK’s embrace of so-called ” same sex marriage ” and other illogical and depraved concepts and why more young persons in the UK are unsure of their sexual identity.

God has given the nation over to depravity such that even the Lord’s prayer is “controversial”.



London Pride 2

Gay Pride

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Lord’s Prayer advert banned before ‘Star Wars’
By Will Heilpern, for CNN
Updated 1614 GMT (0014 HKT) November 23, 2015


(CNN)The new “Star Wars” film opens next month — but the Force won’t be with the Lord.

In a snub to the Church of England, an advert that was planned to coincide with the new film “The Force Awakens,” has been rejected by most UK cinemas due to fears it could be offensive.

Digital Cinema Media (DCM), the company that supplies advertising to Britain’s main movie houses, Odeon, Cineworld and Vue, made the decision after reviewing its policy on political and religious adverts.

The minute-long video features the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, and other Christians reciting the Lord’s Prayer. The Church of England said it planned the advert to be shown before the “Star Wars” film because it is “a multi-generational cultural event.”

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Of “Caitlyn” Jenner , Glamour Magazine’s “woman” of the year , and University Trained Brains (UTBs)


Any educated person would  be astonished  and  perplexed  as to why President  Obama  would  tweet commendations  to  Bruce aka “Caitlyn” Jenner  on his transition from man (normal)  to transgender female ( a mentally ill man who wishes  to live  in the body of  a  female).  

Similar  feelings may result  from Glamour magazine naming Bruce – now Caitlyn – who has never been a  woman a single day  of  his  sixty six  years, “woman of  the year”.

This curious  fact  is  likely  to  be  due  to  the  atheist /  secular  world view  of  the individuals  concerned  who  reject the transcendent and see themselves  as  the intelligences  with  the  capacity and  right  to  determine   right  and  wrong  or  normal  and  abnormal. 

The big  danger  for  the  US  and  apparently  other  societies  is  that, if  author  David  Horowitz  is to believed,   professors  in  universities  and  colleges   are  not  educating  their  students  but  rather   are  indoctrinating  them  with  atheist / secular  liberal  ideology.   Among  these  views  is  a  radical  feminism  which supports  the  LGBTTTIQist  political  ideology.



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Europe’s home grown terrorists.



Much of Europe is anti-christian, anti-semitic and anti-heterosexual binary marriage only and anti – male and female gender only.
They are instead atheist / secular , pro-islam, pro-Palestinian, pro -abortion, pro-LGBTTTIQ ….etc,  pro-gender fluidity and pro-euthanasia and now apparently substantially their own terrorists.




Testifyingtotruth  wishes  to  remind  readers  that whilst  most  terrorists  today  are  muslims  the  vast  majority  of  muslims  are not  terrorists.


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All Paris Attackers Identified So Far Are European Nationals, According To Top EU Official


All of the attackers from Friday’s massacre in Paris so far have been identified as European Union nationals, according to a top EU official. The announcement further casts doubt on the validity of a Syrian passport found near the bodies of a slain attacker.
“Let me underline, the profile of the terrorists so far identified tells us this is an internal threat,” Federica Mogherini, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, said after a meeting with EU foreign ministers. “It is all EU citizens so far. This can change with the hours, but so far it is quite clear it is an issue of internal domestic security.”
The majority of attackers were identified as French or Belgian nationals. An Egyptian passport was also found, but the Egyptian Ambassador to France said it belonged to a critically wounded victim and not a perpetrator. The Syrian passport caused a ruckus, with some politicians in Europe and the U.S. calling for a halt to Syrian refugee resettlement. An increasing number of state governors are trying to defund the settlement program. American officials told CBS News that the passport might be fake, while British-daily the Independent reported that a man was arrested in Serbia while carrying a Syrian passport with matching details to the one found in Paris.

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US Catholic bishops are committed to resisting President Obama’s pagan revolution of sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy and gender confusion.


The  substantial  objective  of  the  illogical  and  depraved  Obama  administration is  to  make  sexual  nihilism (  all  sexual  relationships  and  expressions) ,  sexual anarchy  (  all  intimate  behaviours including scat, farming, chariot racing, jackhammering, fisting, felching   etc )  and  gender  confusion social norms.  Fortunately  some  Americans  have  their  eyes  open to  the utter  depravity  of  this  path   and  the  truly   atheist /  pagan nature  of  the  administration. 


London Gay Pride

Gay  Pride


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BALTIMORE (AP) — U.S. Roman Catholic bishops, at their first assembly since gay marriage became legal nationwide, vowed Monday to uphold marriage as only the union of a man and a woman and to seek legal protections for those who share that view.

Some bishops said they were committed to reversing the U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling last June. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, said a concerted effort was needed to “build a consensus” to do so. As a model, he pointed to new state laws that have made it harder to obtain an abortion, even as the procedure remains legal nationwide.

“I don’t think because five Supreme Court justices changed the public policy on such a fundamental issue that we should just accept it. I think we have to be as strong as we have on the pro-life issue,” Naumann said at the gathering of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore.

Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham, Alabama, said the bishops should join other religious groups in working to protect government workers who refuse to participate in same-sex weddings. The bishops have not said specifically what kind of conscience protections they support for civil authorities.

“I hope we will not back away from that advocacy,” Baker said.

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, president of the bishops’ conference, highlighted the bishops push for religious exemptions for charities, schools and individual for-profit business owners who oppose gay marriage and other laws and regulations.

Dozens of U.S. dioceses and Catholic nonprofits are suing the Obama administration over the birth control coverage requirement in the Affordable Care Act. President Barack Obama created an accommodation that requires insurers to provide the coverage in place of objecting religious nonprofits. The bishops and other faith groups said the change did not go far enough. The Supreme Court recently announced it was taking up lawsuits challenging the accommodation, with arguments scheduled in March.

“What a great tragedy it will be if our ministries are slowly secularized or driven out of the public square because of short-sighted laws or regulations that limit our ability to witness and serve consistent with our faith,” said Kurtz, of Louisville, Ky.

The bishops’ meeting came just days after the Islamic extremists attacked Paris. U.S. bishops said they were praying for victims of the violence and renewed their commitment to resettling Syrian refugees, as some U.S. governors threatened to stop accepting them. American dioceses have a vast network of charities that help resettle refugees.

Still, religious liberty and marriage were the focus of the gathering Monday, the first of two days of public sessions. Among the issues they discussed was how they should include children of gay parents in church life. Last week, the Mormon church sparked a backlash with new, strict limits on participation in church rites by children with same-sex married parents.

The bishops’ conference also heard an address from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Vatican’s U.S. ambassador who was behind Francis’ controversial meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who briefly went to jail rather than comply with a court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Vigano had invited Davis to be among those greeting the pope in the Vatican embassy in Washington last September during Francis’ visit to the country. Her lawyer caused an uproar when he announced the meeting soon after Francis returned to Rome, describing it as a papal affirmation of Davis’ approach to conscientious objection. The Vatican insisted the meeting was not an endorsement and said she was one of several dozen people who had greeted Francis. The U.S. bishops’ conference has never commented on the meeting.

In his speech Monday, Vigano urged the bishops to persevere in working to “preserve a moral order in society” and said they should not “fall prey” to “secularized and increasingly pagan” practices in broader society. He said Catholic colleges and universities, specifically those founded by Jesuits, should do more to shore up Catholic identity at the schools.

The ambassador received two standing ovations from the bishops. He turns 75 in January, the age when bishops are required to submit their resignations to the pope.

Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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The curious alliance between Islam and the Obama revolution of sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy and gender confusion.



It  is  a  curious  fact  that  Islam , Sharia  law  and  all  is staunchly  defended  by  those who  support  making  sexual  nihilism ,  sexual  anarchy  and  gender  confusion  social  norms.  

The  article  below,  from   American  Thinker  sheds some  light  on  this  curious alliance.  

Although  it  is  true  that  liberals  align themselves  with  muslims  against  biblical christianity the  opposite  is  less  certain i.e muslims  may not  actually  regard  liberals  as  allies. 



ISIS throws a homosexual  to his  death


xxxxxx  E N D S  xxxxxx

October 3, 2012
The Progressive-Islamist Alliance
By J.T. Hatter
The affinity between radical Islamists and the progressive left derives from a shared belief that America is the Great Satan and must be destroyed.
The esteemed writer and lecturer David Horowitz has crafted a book entitled Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, in which he reveals that common cause. The progressive left — which also embraces socialism/communism as a means to destroy America — has now allied ideologically with the Islamists, who despise modernity itself and especially detest the sexual agenda of the left.
This alliance is growing and extends deep into the Obama administration, the mainstream media, and academia. The Democratic Party and the mainstream media have been protecting and supporting radical Islamists for decades. And where you once saw fashionably leftist young college students wearing Che Guevara t-shirts, it is now common to see them wearing Palestinian colors and sporting radical anti-Zionist themes.
The leader of the progressive left, President Barack Hussein Obama, proclaimed recently at the United Nations (emphasis added):

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied. Let us condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims, and Shiite pilgrims. It is time to heed the words of Gandhi: “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.”

Like most Obama oratory, this is filled with deception and hidden meanings. In this statement, Obama delivers a virulent attack against those who “slander the prophet of Islam.” This is followed by a backhanded token (“to be credible”) to the effect that Christianity, Judaism, and minority sects of Islam should also receive a modicum of respect. The implication is that the rights of other faiths are secondary to those of Islam.

Then, in typical Obamaic oratory fashion, he turns Gandhi’s famous quote about tolerance on its head, delivering a meaning that is the opposite of what its author intended. Only the worst kind of propagandist or hypocrite can use the term “tolerance” in the context of a nonexistent Islamic pretense to a “true democratic spirit.” There is no such spirit anywhere in Islam. Islam abjures democracy. In this reprehensively deceptive and devious statement, Obama masks the offensive depredations of Islamic intolerance and terrorism with the noble veneer of religious tolerance.

Obama went on to specifically denounce the Nakoula YouTube video and continue his cover for the latest Islamic terrorist attacks in Egypt and Libya and the murders of the American ambassadorial staff. Yet he curiously failed to specifically mention the return engagement of the Piss Christ “artwork” on display less than two miles away at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery on 57th Street.

The progressive left — the liberals in our society — almost always side with Muslims against American ideas and laws and, in particular, against Christian beliefs and practices. It is a curiosity, to say the least. You would think that Islam and liberalism had nothing in common and were diametrically opposed to one another. But the two belief systems actually have much in common. Liberals and Muslims despise most of what patriotic, religious Americans cherish and revere. This makes them common enemies of the American enterprise: comrades de guerre, so to speak.

Where there is conflict between the Islamic and leftist ideologies, the Muslims always prevail. Progressives will never confront the Islamists, in the fear that to do so would weaken their ally, or that it could produce a backlash so violent and devastating that the beneficial alliance would be destroyed forever.

Still, it is amazing to watch progressives continue to defend and support their Muslim allies in light of the latter’s historical and continuing offenses against the most hallowed tenets of liberalism: hanging homosexuals; stoning adulterers; maiming criminals; abusing and raping women and children; beheading and crucifying non-believers; killing, dismembering, and having sex with the corpses of women; invading embassies and torturing and killing Americans and raping the body of the ambassador. Instead of getting tough with the Islamists for their horrors, the president and his leftist followers cover for them.

The horrific crimes and depredations committed by Islamists are endless, yet liberals manage to “tolerate” them. You would think that people with any kind of claim to a moral mantle would not be able to tolerate so much evil. Such is liberalism.

Liberals cope with these contradictions by denying that they exist or by convincing themselves that Islamic practices are justified and the result of cultural differences, poverty, Zionism, or something George Bush did.

The more you compare the beliefs of Islamists and liberals, the more similarities you find. David Horowitz was right: it is an unholy alliance. Below is a series of statements. Can you distinguish which of them more closely describes Islamism or liberalism? Muslim or liberal? You decide:

You have many ideas and beliefs, and you insist that other people conform to them.
You believe that lying to obtain your objectives is completely acceptable.
You enjoy mass demonstrations, chanting, and rioting.
You get a particular kick out of burning the American flag.
You have a belief system filled with contradictions, and you regard that as normal.
You hate Ronald Reagan.
You discriminate against everyone who does not believe as you do.
You think it is obligatory to be offensive toward those who disagree with you.
You believe that you have the right to take from others.
You enjoy destroying the religious symbols of others.
Your meeting places are actually enemy outposts from which you plan the overthrow of the free world.
You believe you should be able to have sex with anyone you can physically subdue.
You absolutely do not believe in freedom of speech.
You believe that violence is integral to the pursuit of your worthy goals.
You view freedom as an unacceptable proposition.
Your prophets have long been shown to be false.
You believe in using government police or military force to impose your beliefs on others.
You hate all religions except your own.
You believe that pedophilia is proper and moral.
You believe that morality is defined by the rules of the cult you follow.
You often engage in mob violence.
You think that books and publications you don’t approve of should not be available to others. You believe that freedom of the press is a terrible idea.
You hate Christianity and Judaism.
You engage in blasphemy on a daily basis.
Your ultimate goal is that everyone else in the world submit to what you believe.
You believe that bullying is an acceptable tactic.
You do not believe in religious freedom.
You are a racist.
You believe that women are sex objects.
You believe that men are sex objects.
You believe that incest is relative.
You abuse Western ideals of religious freedom and tolerance and use them as wedge opportunities to overthrow the society you live in.
You have your own set of laws.
You believe that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.
You believe that Christianity must be destroyed at all costs.
You believe that America is the Great Satan.
You believe that people who don’t believe as you do should be killed or subjugated.
You believe that the USA has too much power and must be brought down.
You do not recognize the divinity of Jesus Christ.
You do not believe in the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom and liberty, or anything American.
You believe that the ends justifies the means.
You believe that you must win at any cost.
Islamist or Progressive? In the end, is there any real difference in what these totalitarian ideologies espouse and want to achieve? Don’t both of them pose a clear and present danger to us?

Why do progressives think they are any better than Islamists? Whatever they believe, it is up to those of us who love freedom and liberty to deal with them.

JT Hatter is the author of Lost in Zombieland: The Rise of President Zero, a political satire on the Obama administration. JT can be reached at
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The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today’s historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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Be wary of the so -called research coming out of intellectual ghettoes; soon not embracing scat and farming will be a mental disorder.

ghetto |ˈgetō|
noun (pl. ghettos or ghettoes)
a part of a city, esp. a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.
• historical the Jewish quarter in a city: the Warsaw Ghetto.
an isolated or segregated group or area: the relative security of the gay ghetto.
verb (ghettoes, ghettoing, ghettoed) [ with obj. ]
put in or restrict to an isolated or segregated area or group.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: perhaps from Italian getto ‘foundry’ (because the first ghetto was established in 1516 on the site of a foundry in Venice), or from Italian borghetto, diminutive of borgo ‘borough.’

The  social  sciences  and humanities  departments of  universities  are  the  source  of  much of  the  confusion  and  folly  in  public  policy  on sex  and  gender in countries  like  the USA, UK  etc.  

Some  of  their  policy recommendations  are  so  silly  one  has  to  go  to  university  to  create  them.

The  following  article  discusses  how  left  wing  bias  in these  departments  have  made  them even more  liberal ,  more  useless  and  their  recommendation  like  Caitlyn  Jenner  being  normal  more  bizarre.  Also  we  should  expect  more  papers  like  the  one  below suggesting  that  “homophobia ”   is  associated  with  mental disorders.

Indeed, one  should  not  be  surprised  if  some so-called  researcher  from  an  intellectual  ghetto  does  not  have  a  paper   published   which  claims  that  not  embracing  scat  and  farming  is  evidence  of  a  mental  disorder.


xxxxxx  E N D S  xxxxxx

Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science

José L. Duarte, Arizona State University
Jarret T. Crawford, The College of New Jersey Charlotta Stern, Stockholm University
Jonathan Haidt, New York University—Stern School of Business Lee Jussim, Rutgers University
Philip E. Tetlock, University of Pennsylvania

Corresponding Author: Jonathan Haidt,

Abstract: Psychologists have demonstrated the value of diversity—particularly diversity of viewpoints—for enhancing creativity, discovery, and problem solving. But one key type of viewpoint diversity is lacking in academic psychology in general and social psychology in particular: political diversity. This article reviews the available evidence and finds support for four claims: 1) Academic psychology once had considerable political diversity, but has lost nearly all of it in the last 50 years; 2) This lack of political diversity can undermine the validity of social psychological science via mechanisms such as the embedding of liberal values into research questions and methods, steering researchers away from important but politically unpalatable research topics, and producing conclusions that mischaracterize liberals and conservatives alike; 3) Increased political diversity would improve social psychological science by reducing the impact of bias mechanisms such as confirmation bias, and by empowering dissenting minorities to improve the quality of the majority’s thinking; and 4) The underrepresentation of non- liberals in social psychology is most likely due to a combination of self-selection, hostile climate, and discrimination. We close with recommendations for increasing political diversity in social psychology.

Keywords: Social psychology, diversity, politics, bias, sociology of science



New Study Suggests Connections Between Homophobia And Mental Disorders
BY ZACK FORD SEP 11, 2015 3:17PM


Homosexuality was long derided as a mental disorder — and being transgender often still is — but a new study suggests that it might be more likely that it’s actually homophobia that is a sign of mental disorder.
Researchers working with the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine evaluated the mental health of 560 Italian University students to see what connections could be found between their psychological traits and their propensity for homophobia. Indeed, they found that aspects of psychoticism and immature defense mechanisms were significant predictors for homophobic attitudes.
“We found that psychoticism represented an important risk factor for homophobia, demonstrating that pathologic personality traits are involved in homophobic attitudes,” the study explains. Psychoticism embodies various characteristics, but above all, “severe psychopathologic conditions, such as delusion, isolation, and interpersonal alienation, but also hostility and anger.” Homophobia could be partially linked by “pathologic trait of personality,” meaning that various disorders of relationship and thought could be predictive of homophobia.
Immature defense mechanisms similarly predicted homophobic attitudes. These are coping mechanisms activated during states of distress and anxiety and include behaviors like projection, acting out, isolation, denial, passive aggressiveness, and displacement. “Our data revealed that immature defense mechanisms predict homophobia, highlighting that a negative attitude toward homosexuals is influenced once again by dysfunctional aspects of personality.”
While these aggressive personality traits were linked with homophobia, depression had the opposite effect. “Subjects with depression have a lower risk to develop homophobic behavior,” in part because it seems they were less likely to “perceive external reality as a threat and project their anger.”
The study also found that gender was a significant predictor of homophobia. “Men are more homophobic than women,” and in particular, they demonstrated a tendency toward more negative attitudes and “a major risk of aggressive behavior or acting out toward homosexuals.”
Speaking to Medical Daily, lead researcher Dr. Emmanuele A. Jannini suggested, “After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia, associated with potentially severe psychopathologies.”
Homophobic attitudes have previously been linked to unacknowledged same-sex attractions and dying younger.
TAGS Homophobia

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Jamaicans must tell President Obama he must stop trying to impose his illogical and delusional revolution of sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy and gender confusion on our country.

” Genius has  its  limits , stupidity  knows  no  bounds”

………Albert  Einstein & ……..




Feminist icon Germaine Greer points out that embracing transgenderism as normal is

delusional. Incredibly , but not surprisingly , the sexually nihilistic and sexually

anarchist Obama administration wishes to make gender confusion, something which

any sensible person would call mass delusion , a universal norm.





xxxx  E N D S xxxx

Feminist icon: Transgender ‘women’ like Bruce Jenner aren’t women. They’re delusional.

Feminism , Germaine Greer , Transgender , United Kingdom

WALES, U.K., October 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Author and ’60s radical feminist Germaine Greer is coming under fire after telling the BBC that transgender “women,” such as Bruce Jenner, are not women and that they don’t “look like, sound like, or behave like women.”

Greer was responding to a petition that was being passed around by leftist activists demanding that Cardiff University cancel a lecture by the radical feminist scheduled for November 18 because of her history of making statements questioning transgenderism.

Criticizing Glamour magazine’s decision to name Jenner “Woman of the Year,” Greer told the BBC, “I think misogyny plays a really big part in all of this, that a man who goes to these lengths to become a woman will be a better woman than someone who is just born a woman.”

Greer suggested that Jenner’s transition was part of an effort to gain attention in the public eye. “It seems to me that what was going on there was that he/she wanted the limelight that the other, female, members of the family were enjoying and has conquered it, just like that,” she added,

When Greer’s comments provoked a backlash, she responded in a strongly worded statement, saying that simply because a man gets his genitals removed and wears a dress doesn’t make him a woman. “I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a fu**ing cocker spaniel,” she said.

“I do understand that some people are born intersex and they deserve support in coming to terms with their gender but it’s not the same thing. A man who gets his d**k chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.”

The petition against Greer states that she “has demonstrated time and time again her misogynistic views towards trans women, including continually misgendering trans women and denying the existence of transphobia altogether.”

Greer says many women – including strong feminists – agree with her, but it has become politically correct to propagate the lie that transgenders are whatever sex they imagine themselves to be. “Nowadays we are all likely to meet people who think they are women, have women’s names, and feminine clothes and lots of eyeshadow, who seem to us to be some kind of ghastly parody, though it isn’t polite to say so,” Greer told The Guardian in 2009.

“We pretend that all the people passing for female really are,” Greer wrote. “Other delusions may be challenged, but not a man’s delusion that he is female.”

The Australian-born professor and bestselling author refers to transgenders as “male to female transgender people” and “female to male transgender people.”

Greer’s first book, The Female Eunuch (1970), became an international bestseller and made her a feminist icon. She argued in the book that women do not realize how much men hate them and how much they are taught to hate themselves. Greer compared women to “beasts who are castrated in farming in order to serve their master’s ulterior motives – to be fattened or made docile.” The self-avowed Marxist advocated giving up celibacy and monogamy.

In 1999’s The Whole Woman, Greer wrote, “Governments that consist of very few women have hurried to recognize as women men who believe that they are women and have had themselves castrated to prove it, because they see women not as another sex but as a non-sex.”

“No so-called sex-change has ever begged for a uterus-and-ovaries transplant; if uterus-and-ovaries transplants were made mandatory for wannabe women they would disappear overnight,” Greer wrote.

Greer concluded, “The insistence that man-made women be accepted as women is the institutional expression of the mistaken conviction that women are defective males.”

Greer was appointed as a special lecturer and fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge. While at the school, Greer opposed the official fellowshipping of a male-to-female transgender colleague, arguing that he had been born male and therefore should not be admitted to Newnham, a women’s college.

Greer is accurate to say many feminists agree with her. Many feminists say transgenders merely uphold and reinforce sexist roles.

In 1977, Gloria Steinem wrote that transgenders “surgically mutilate their own bodies” in order to conform to a gender role that is inexorably tied to physical body parts. She famously concluded, “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” Steinem has since repudiated those views.

In 1979, University of Massachusetts-Amherst professor Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire criticized transsexualism as based on “patriarchal myths” and the “making of woman according to man’s image.” Raymond wrote, “All transsexuals rape women’s bodies by reducing the real female form to an artifact[.] … Transsexuals merely cut off the most obvious means of invading women, so that they seem non-invasive.”

In 1997, Sheila Jeffreys, co-author of Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism, wrote, “transsexualism should be seen as a violation of human rights.”

More recently, Julie Bindel wrote an article titled “Gender Benders Beware” about trans-regret, concluding, “I don’t have a problem with men disposing of their genitals, but it does not make them women, in the same way that shoving a bit of vacuum hose down your 501s [jeans] does not make you a man.”

Other feminists have been less kind. Dr. Mary Daly wrote in her book Gyn/ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism, “Today the Frankenstein phenomenon is omnipresent … in phallocratic technology[.] … Necrophiliacs sense the lack of soul/spirit/life-loving principle within themselves, and therefore try to invade and kill off all spirit, substituting conglomerates of corpses. This necrophilic invasion/elimination takes a variety of forms. Transsexualism is an example.”

Even some transgenders admit that they are not, in fact, women. Miranda Yardley, a male-to-female trans, wrote an honest article in England’s socialist daily, The Morning Star, entitled “The conflict between feminism and the transgender movement.” She says that the mantra “‘[t]rans women are women’ is a dogma that reduces what it means to be a woman to an identity and this erases women’s lived reality.”

Yardley argues that natural women should be allowed privacy in public bathrooms and should be allowed even to exclude transgendered men from women’s groups. “Women having their own spaces is not about trans exclusion, rather allowing women with shared experiences space to gather, celebrate and heal,” Yardley explained. “Who is harmed by women setting their own boundaries?”

Yardley, himself a transgendered male-to-female, concluded, “Being a woman is a reality, not an identity. Trans women are not women – I know this, you know this, everybody knows this[.] … Trans women are biologically male[.] … The lives of women and trans women are different.”

A Cardiff University Students’ Union officer called Ms. Greer’s views towards transgender women “misogynistic.”


The White House endorsed legislation Tuesday that would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the Obama administration had been reviewing the bill “for several weeks.”

“Upon that review it is now clear that the administration strongly supports the Equality Act,” he said. “That bill is historic legislation that would advance the cause of equality for millions of Americans.

“We look forward to working with Congress to ensure that the legislative process produces a result that balances both the bedrock principles of civil rights . . . with the religious liberty that we hold dear in this country,” Earnest added.

Although there is little chance that this Congress will approve the legislation — which was introduced in July by Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley (Ore.), Tammy Baldwin (Wis.) and Cory Booker (N.J.), and Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-R.I.) — President Obama’s support elevates the question of whether lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans need greater legal safeguards. Last week, Houston voters rejected an ordinance that would have barred discrimination against gay and transgender people after opponents said it would allow men disguised as women to enter women’s restrooms.

The White House’s endorsement of the Equality Act came on the same day that Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to be featured on the cover of an LGBT publication, after he was named Out magazine’s “Ally of the Year” for 2015.





The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today’s historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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