Transgenderism, Prime Minister Trudeau , President Obama and the rise of fascism.


The fascist / communist approach to governance is alive and well in Canada.

We are also seeing an apocalypse of modern day  Emperor Neroes in the form President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.
Both gentlemen are now gods defining normal and abnormal and imposing illogic on their populations…President Obama by decree.
Prime Minister Trudeau and President Obama are not even pretending that there is a scientific or pseudo-scientific basis for transgenderism being normal and as such deserving of rights . Instead these modern day Emperors have made transgenderism normal based on their desires, worldview and decree.
One of my favourite quotes is that of Judge Anthony Kennedy’s statement on free speech : “The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true. This is the ordinary course in a free society. The response to the unreasoned is the rational; to the uninformed, the enlightened; to the straight-out lie, the simple truth”.
Judge Kennedy’s philosophical approach will find no place in the present fascist / communist-like ethos which exists in Canada.
When truth is the enemy it must be restricted – this is a standard communist / fascist approach to governance.



By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Monday, May 23, 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced federal legislation that would expand hate speech laws to include gender identity and gender expression.

If passed, the legislation would also make it illegal to prevent an individual from getting a job or to discriminate in the workplace on the basis of gender identity or gender expression.

Mr. Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, introduced the bill Tuesday marking the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. He said the proposed law would “help ensure transgender and other gender-diverse people can live according to their gender identity, free from discrimination, and protected from hate propaganda and hate crimes.”

“Everyone deserves to live free of stigma, persecution and discrimination — no matter who they are or whom they love,” Mr. Trudeau said.

“This enactment amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination,” a summary of the bill reads, The Blaze reported. “The enactment also amends the Criminal Code to extend the protection against hate propaganda set out in that Act to any section of the public that is distinguished by gender identity or expression and to clearly set out that evidence that an offense was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on gender identity or expression constitutes an aggravating circumstance that a court must take into consideration when it imposes a sentence.”

Similar legislation has previously failed to pass Parliament several times.

Mr. Trudeau’s government has the majority of seats in the House of Commons so his legislation will likely pass there. After that, it will go to the unelected Senate, NBC News reported.

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Transgenderism and the apocalypse of President Barak Obama aka Bera, King of Sodom , Emperor Nero and El Loco.


The  USA  is  in a lot  of  trouble.

It  is  being  led  by  a  president  and  team  who  are  arrogant,  illogical  and  delusional.

This  is  demonstrated  to good  effect  by  the  statement  of  the illogical and deluded attorney general Loretta Lynch  who believes that  transgenderism , a mental illness,  provides  the same legal  status  as race.
The arrogance, ignorance and illogic of liberals is  truly amazing.
In 1973, in order to  integrate  homosexuality  into society ,  liberals  forced the American Psychiatry Association (APA) to call homosexuality normal using aggressive protests at APA meetings and help from sympathetic psychiatrists within the ranks of the APA  who  used  a  flawed  study  by  Evelyn Hooker.  Mrs.  Hooker  was  a friend  of  the homosexual  community  in California  and  she  wanted  to show  that  homosexuals  were  as normal  as  heterosexuals.  Her  methodology was  flawed  and  most importantly  she  did  not investigate  the substantial  area in which heterosexuals  and  homosexuals  differ  –  their  intimate  behaviours.
Today  liberals are not even paying attention to the fact that the  APA considers transgenderism to be a mental illness and  as  all illnesses  requires  reseach for  cure  and  sympathetic  treatment .

The liberals  will  have  none  of  that.  They  are  now  the new  gods  with  the power  to  determine  the  normal  and  abnormal as well as  purpose  of  the  universe  and  its  contents so   the arrogant , ignorant and illogical liberals have declared that  transgenderism  must be protected by rights in the public sphere with threat of loss of funding by the federal government.

The USA  is  seeing  the  apocalypse (unveiling)  of  a mad  Emperor ……President  Barak Obama aka Bera, King  of Sodom and  El Loco.



In her first trip to North Carolina after suing the state over discriminatory legislation, the attorney general addressed how African-American pastors felt “offended” by comparing transgender and civil rights.

WED, 2016-05-25 11:11
Attorney General Loretta Lynch believes that transgender rights are part of the legacy of civil rights—despite protests from African-American pastors that comparing the two is offensive.

Lynch spoke in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this week on new policing policies in the city. During her speech—her first visit back to her home state since her department sued North Carolina over HB2—she fielded several questions regarding her comparison of transgender rights to the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

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Anti-sense and anti-life secular atheist IACHR is broke – probably a good thing.



The Inter-American Human Rights  Commission (IACHR)  which is  essentially  a  secular  humanist pro-LGBTTTIQist  and  pro-killer  feminist  abortion supporting political entity  is  broke and  this  may  be  a good.

Unfortunately like  the  United  Nations  and  other entities  which were  formed with noble  intentions the  IACHR has  been hijacked  by  the  secular  atheist political machinery  and  has  become a  mere  political  advocate  for  the advance  of  LGBTTTIQism  and  the killer- feminist  ideology of  “abortion on demand without apology”

Severe Financial Crisis of the IACHR Leads to Suspension of Hearings and Imminent Layoff of Nearly Half its Staff
May 23, 2016
Contact info
María Isabel Rivero
IACHR Press and Communication Office
Tel: +1 (202) 370-9001
IACHR Press Releases

A+ A-
Washington, D.C. – The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) is going through a severe financial crisis that will have serious consequences on its ability to fulfill its mandate and carry out its basic functions. The Commission deeply regrets having to report that on July 31, 2016, the contracts of 40 percent of its personnel will expire, and at this time the Commission does not have the funds—or the expectation of receiving the funds—to be able to renew them. The Commission is also very sorry to report that it has been forced to suspend the visits it had planned for this year, as well as its 159th and 160th sessions, which had been scheduled for July and October.

The IACHR is alarmed by the fact that this situation will result in the dismantling of areas essential to its mandate. The IACHR is also distressed for the victims, petitioners, and civil society organizations that had planned to participate in hearings, working meetings, and other forums scheduled for the October session. The IACHR also expresses its deep concern because the suspension of sessions has a direct impact on the Commission’s capacity to make progress in processing complaints of human rights violations, since it is during these sessions that the Commissioners analyze, debate, and approve reports on petitions and cases.

Moreover, it is disturbing that thousands of victims of human rights violations will be left unprotected. The total dismantling of some work teams and the cutbacks mean that it is inevitable that the procedural backlog the Commission had been trying to reduce will increase again and will reach a point where it is incompatible with the right of access to justice. The IACHR also deeply regrets having to face an imminent situation in which it could lose valuable employees who have worked tirelessly for the rights of victims and have brought a sense of duty and devotion to the cause of human rights.

In the last few months and weeks, the IACHR and its Executive Secretariat have tried its best to confirm donations that had been previously talked, but unfortunately these did not succeed. The IACHR will continue to make every effort within its power to turn this situation around immediately, to prevent the loss of 40 percent of its staff and to be able to reschedule its sessions, visits, and all the other activities planned for 2016. To this end, the Inter-American Commission calls on the member countries, observer countries, and other potential donors to make urgent financial contributions that can be immediately available.

To avert this dire situation, the IACHR would need to receive funds, or at least commitments in writing for donations, before June 15.

Beyond the immediate financial crisis, the Inter-American Commission suffers from a structural, systematic lack of funds that must be addressed and resolved. There is a deep discrepancy between the mandate the Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS) have given the IACHR and the financial resources they allocate to it. The regular budget of the IACHR this year is less than 5 million dollars, which amounts to $0.005 per person in the hemisphere per year. The staff of the Commission financed by the OAS regular fund consists of 31 people; in other words, it has fewer employees than countries under its jurisdiction. The other 47 employees are financed with donations, which can be unstable and unpredictable, as the current crisis shows.

In the last two decades, the Commission has made ongoing efforts with the OAS Member States to secure a budget that would enable it to work effectively to fulfill its mandate. As a result of these efforts, the OAS General Assembly has approved a number of resolutions expressing a commitment to address the situation; however, these have not been reflected in a significant increase in resources. While the Council of Europe earmarks 41.5 percent of its budget to the promotion and protection of human rights, the OAS earmarks 6 percent of its budget to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights.

In this regard, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights strongly urges the OAS Member States to take on their responsibility to the inter-American Human Rights System. The IACHR hopes that the next OAS General Assembly, which will be held in June, will adopt a historic and far-reaching decision, one that reflects the States’ commitment to the defense of human rights in the region. This means radically increasing the budget of the OAS regular fund and allocating to the IACHR and the Inter-American Human Rights System in general the resources needed to fulfill the mandate the States themselves have handed down. It is essential, imperative, and urgent for the States to adopt a sustainable solution to this serious, chronic problem and demonstrate their commitment to the respect and guarantee of human rights with deeds and not just words.

The IACHR expresses its firm commitment to continue to work in the fulfillment of its functions, inspired by the words of the American Convention on Human Rights, which states that “the ideal of free men enjoying freedom from fear and want can be achieved only if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his economic, social, and cultural rights, as well as his civil and political rights.”

A principal, autonomous body of the Organization of American States (OAS), the IACHR derives its mandate from the OAS Charter and the American Convention on Human Rights. The Inter-American Commission has a mandate to promote respect for human rights in the region and acts as a consultative body to the OAS in this area. The Commission is composed of seven independent members who are elected in an individual capacity by the OAS General Assembly and who do not represent their countries of origin or residence.
No. 069/16

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The descent into depravity and delusion in “the world as it should be” according to president Obama aka Bera,King of Sodom, International Buggery Czar and El Loco


Is President Obama Garbage  and  trash as  the lady  in the video claims ?




Gay Pride

Toronto  Gay Pride

Gay Pride – a  family  thing


Gay  Pride – a family  thing

Gay Pride  Copenhagen

Gay Pride – a family  thing




President Obama and Funder 66-year old Terry-Bean who had  a  23-year old boyfriend.  The  23-year old  claimed  that Bean wanted  to  use  him to get  to  younger  males. Bean was  accused of  sexually  assaulting  a 15 year-old  boy  but  the  case  was  dismissed  because  no  witnesses came forward

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today’s historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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How we got Comprehensive Sexuality Education



The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.
— Alfred Kinsey

The  significant  and  dangerous  component  of  Comprehensive  Sexuality  Education (CSE)  is  that  it seeks  to  create  in students  a  nihilistic and   anarchist approach  to   sex   i.e  all  sexual   relationships  and  behaviours  are  to  be  regarded  as  normal.  

The  following  is  a  flow  chart  of  how  Comprehensive Sexuality  Education (CSE)  arose  from Kinsey’s  worldview of  sexual  nihilism  and  sexual anarchy.


CSE and Kinsey


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Some blacks in Chicago say President Obama aka Bera, King of Sodom, Original Buggery Czar and El Loco, is a failure and should resign




Perhaps President Obama aka Bera, King of Sodom, high priest of Molech, Original Buggery Czar ,

chief exporter of fisting etc  and El Loco needs to spend some time in the real world instead of the

delusion of sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy and gender alchemy.

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What buggery Czar and the world’s chief advocate for fisting etc by MSM President Obama, aka Bera King of Sodom, would like to see on the streets of Jamaica


President  Obama  is  the  world  leader who  is  most committed  t  LGBTTTIQism  and  would  no  doubt  like  to see  the  following aspects  of  Gay Pride  on the streets  of  Kingston



bera 3

Toronto  Gay Pride


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