The B4U-ACT and Minor-Attracted-Persons (MAP)

The B4U-ACT  describes  itself as follows :

B4U-ACT is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes communication and collaboration among minor-attracted persons, mental health professionals, and researchers. Its mission is to increase the availability of accurate information about minor-attracted persons and mental health services that focus on their mental health needs. Inaccurate negative stereotypes force minor-attracted people into hiding, leave young adolescents who are attracted to children hopeless with nowhere to turn, and do nothing to protect children. We have received emails from teenagers as young as 15 who were engaged in self-harming behavior or threatening suicide, and could talk to no one about it, because they were attracted to children. Making welcoming, informed, and empathetic mental health services available is the goal of B4U-ACT.

The organization  held  a  scientific  conference  on pedophillia  in  Baltimore , Maryland  on August 17th, 2011.

Richard  Krammer  released  a  statement  on the conference  which  may  be  seen  at :

The following  is  an  extract  from Mr. Krammer’s  statement.

B4U-ACT Holds Scientific Symposium on Pedophilia and the DSM

Today in Baltimore, Maryland, B4U-ACT brought together a range of clinicians, researchers, academics, and minor-attracted persons to discuss key issues regarding the entry for pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association. The purpose of the meeting was to promote a more comprehensive and accurate DSM. This first symposium of its kind was a success, as 38 people participated in discussion of stimulating presentations by nine distinguished speakers.

The foundation of the symposium was B4U-ACT’s position that the DSM should be based on accurate information about people in the general population. It should be “sensitive to the needs of clinicians and their patients” (as advocated by the APA). Minor-attracted people should be involved in its revision (also advocated by the APA).

B4U-ACT believes that everyone benefits when a variety of reasoned perspectives is heard. Therefore, speakers were allowed to express their views freely and openly. B4U-ACT does not necessarily endorse all of the views expressed. Our policy of free and open expression is in support of the APA’s position that DSM revisions should involve input from “diverse perspectives, disciplines, and areas of expertise,” and that “patient and family” groups be involved. Speakers and attendees specialized in psychiatry, ethics, psychology, philosophy, social work, linguistics, and gender studies.

This kind of scholarly interaction is necessary in light of the numerous unresolved issues raised about the proposed DSM revisions by scholars, researchers, and minor-attracted people. Controversy has arisen over scientific issues, conceptual issues, the purpose of the DSM (to promote mental health vs. social control), and consequences of the DSM entry for society and the people being diagnosed. Information about these controversies can be found at:

The  American Psychiatry  Association removed homosexuality from  its list  of  sexual abnormalities because  of  activism  by  the  homosexual community. 

Are  we observing  the  early  steps  in the  removal  of  pedophillia  from  the  list  of  sexual pathologies ?

On Page 123 of the document ” UNAIDS OUTLOOK 2010″ homophobia is defined as follows :

“What is homophobia?

UNAIDS describes  homophobia as intolerance and contempt for those who have identities
and orientations other than heterosexual ones. It is an aversion, hatred, fear, prejudice or discrimination against homosexual men, bisexual people, trans-gender people   , transvestites ,  lesbians  and transsexuals. Homophobia confers a monopoly of normality on heterosexuality, thus generating and encouraging contempt for those who diverge from the reference model.”

Are  we  approaching  the  time  when  the  only  persons  with sexual  pathology  will be  those  who  hold  the view  that  sexual  activity  should  only  be  between  married  male  and  female  adults ?

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1 Response to The B4U-ACT and Minor-Attracted-Persons (MAP)

  1. Yure says:

    While I think that it’s possible that pedophilia could be normalized, because, as you pointed, it’s already happening, I don’t think that heterosexuality can ever be pathologized. On the other hand, I do see that there’s an exclusion of traditional attraction from public policies, which is also unfair. I think some people have spoken of “heterophobia” and I have seen it happening once.

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