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The San Jose Articles : Challenging the commitment to Lies , Distortion and Advocacy at the United Nations

Lying,  distortion  of  information  and  advocacy  appear  to be business orthodoxy  at  the  United  Nations .   Although  the  United  Nation is  officially  neutral  on  abortion   WHO, UNFPA  and  UNICEF   appear  to  conduct  themselves  as  aggressive  pro-abortion activists . Further, … Continue reading

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Unconditional love or dangerous and irresponsible propaganda ?

In  their  essay   “THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA” at :…       Marshall  Kirk  and  Erastes  Pill   list  the  fourth  step  in the  strategy  as  follows : “[4] MAKE GAYS LOOK GOOD. In order to make a Gay Victim sympathetic to … Continue reading

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Not simply an alternative lifestyle

Any  attempt to suggest  that  with respect to  HIV / AIDS  the activities of  Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) is simply an alternative lifestyle is put to rest by the  following  research published  by  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School … Continue reading

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Gross neglience about the health of MSM by UNAIDS ?

The  following  provide  clear  evidence  of  the  challenge  that  HIV  presents  to  Men who  have  Sex  with Men.  Is  UNAIDS  response to  this  information  appropriate ? (A) PLoS Med. 2007 Dec;4(12):e339. Elevated risk for HIV infection among men who have … Continue reading

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HIV /AIDS in Cuba – low prevalence but driven by MSM

UNAIDS  reports  an  exceptionally   low prevalence   of  HIV   in  Cuba.  Cuba  has  been collecting  data  on  HIV  since  1983. The  abstract  of   reference  #(80)  cited   in  the  UNAIDS  document ”  Epidemic  Update / 2010  GLOBAL  REPORT”  … Continue reading

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The United Nations – totally committed to Lies , Distortion, Advocacy ?

United  Nation agencies  having  been  lying  about  and  distorting    figures  on   maternal  mortality  rates  for  decades  in  order  to   advance  the  liberal  feminist  agenda  of  legal  access  to  abortion  throughout  pregnancy. Their  lies  and  misinformation  were  finally comprehensively  exposed  by  … Continue reading

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HIV / AIDS in the Caribbean – UNAIDS 2010 report

In 2010  UNAIDS  published  an  Update  of  the  AIDS  epidemic. The  following  is   from  Pages  42  and  43  of  Chapter 2: Epidemic update | 2010 GLOBAL REPORT High HIV prevalence but fewer people living with HIV The HIV prevalence among … Continue reading

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