Sodomy law and HIV in MSM in the Bahamas, is the UN lying as per usual ?

The  following  article  appeared  in  the  Jamaica  Observer  of  Monday , November 21st, 2011

Buggery laws choking HIV control

Lower prevalence rate in men in countries without restrictions

By INGRID BROWN Observer senior reporter

Monday, November 21, 2011

NASSAU, The Bahamas — Michel de Groulard, regional programme adviser of UNAIDS Caribbean Regional Support Team said that data has shown a significantly lower HIV prevalence rate among gay men in Caribbean countries without buggery laws.

According to de Groulard, the HIV prevalence rate among men who have sex with men (MSM) in three Caribbean countries without buggery laws namely Bahamas, Haiti and Suriname was less than 10 per cent in all cases.

This he said is in comparison to Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana where the prevalence rate is more than 20 per cent for these countries with buggery laws.

Pointing to The Bahamas which repealed its buggery laws inn 1991, de Groulard said that the prevalence rate now stands at 8 per cent among gay men. This is despite Bahamas having the highest prevalence rate in the Caribbean.

However in Jamaica, where the buggery laws remain firmly on the books, de Groulard said that the prevalence rate among gay men is a whopping 32 per cent.
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Mr.  Michel de Groulard claims  appear  to  contradict  data  on  Page  22  of   the document   Bahamas -2010 Country Progress Report prepared  by  The  National  HIV / AIDS  Centre, Ministry  of  Health  and  Social  Development of  the Government  of  the Bahamas  which  indicates   :

1. Data  on  HIV in MSM  in the  Bahamas  are  preliminary

2. Initial  estimates  in  2006, reported 2007,   were  8.18%

3. The estimates  in 2008, reported 2009,  increased  to  25.64%

see  below

The  document  may  be  seen  at  :,HIV+data&hl=en&gl=jm&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShs4NVoan51Xu_eTRZsY7WmeyW5sj_XrIYY3QG5TkBcZpizl33Dj4fvBDlWgbj5rOc6gXFXMLJ67mJTgjcXoDohsXcjXyELPkdu7xYtSWhejOr43_HBKVXr2qab9xrAE0Q6Vzen&sig=AHIEtbSgbzIHUNEwCeqe1EHD5dPv3ai5YQ

Why  is  the  UNAIDS  representative  using  preliminary data  to  make  the  case  for  legalizing  sodomy  and  more  importantly  why is  he  using  8% when  the  revised  figure  is  25%  ?

Is  the  UN  lying  as  per  usual ?

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3 Responses to Sodomy law and HIV in MSM in the Bahamas, is the UN lying as per usual ?

  1. Tyler Thomas says:

    So is keeping the buggery law a measure to lower to the rate among MSMs? Do you think the fact that Jamaica has an HIV rate for MSMs at 32%(second highest) shows that the law is working?

  2. Tyler Thomas says:

    Look at HIV rates in the United States. 14% of the US population are African-Americans, while 44% of new infections in 2009 occurred among African-Americans. Should America throw people in prison for 10 years hard labour for having sexual intercourse with blacks?

  3. Tyler Thomas says:


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