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Fisting , the buggery law and Hepatitis C in HIV +ve MSM

A) Please  be advised  that  the following is explicit but   it  is necessary to  consider  these  issues  in order  to   to adequately   understand   the implications  of  removing  the  “”buggery  law”. In their  highly  effective  strategy  “ The Overhauling  … Continue reading

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AIDS Free World petition against Jamaica at the IACHR – impartial judges ?

A) The  Composition  of  The  Inter-American Commission  on Human  Rights (IACHR)  may  be  viewed  at  : The  web site  discloses  that  two  brilliant  and  distinguished   UWI  academics, Professor  Rose-Marie Belle  Antoine  and  Ms. Tracy Robinson were  recently   … Continue reading

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Why changing the “buggery Law” = removing the “buggery” law

The  following is  at  : On the web page  AIDS-Free  World  posts   Questions  and  Answers  (Q&A)   about  its  reasons  and  strategies  for  seeking  to remove  the  “buggery” law  in Jamaica. The  Q&A  is  introduced thus : AIDS-Free World has … Continue reading

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Same – sex marriage more important than Religious Freedom

  President  Barak  Obama  states  his  views  on  LGBT  rights  and  of  restricting  marriage  to  heterosexuals in the Defense of Marriage  Act  (DOMA)   : The  President’s  views  are reflected  in a recent  policy  directive  reported  in the Jamaica  Observer  at  … Continue reading

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Sodomy Laws and Felching

Please  be  warned  that   this  post  uses    felching – a disgusting practice –   to  clarify  matters  pertaining  to  the debate  on  the  repeal  of  anti-sodomy laws . Wikipedia  comments  on sodomy  laws  at  : A sodomy law is a law … Continue reading

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Decreasing HIV in MSM – Stop Childhood Sexual Abuse !!!

The  following article  by  Catania  et  al   gives  important  information  on  the role  that  Childhood  Sexual  Abuse plays  in  the  on-going  HIV / AIDS epidemics   among    Men  who  have  Sex  with Men  (MSM)   Child Abuse Negl. 2008 … Continue reading

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Canada’s Justice Department: ” Gay Marriages of Non-residents may not be legal”

News  out  of  Canada  suggests  that  Jamaican  Gay  activist  Maurice  Tomlinson’s  recent  marriage in that  country  may  not  be  legal . see: Jamaican gay activist marries man in Canada Jamaica Observer Saturday, January 07, 2012 MAURICE Tomlinson, a leading … Continue reading

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