Atheism : The Arrogance of Ignorance


As  human  knowledge  has  expanded we have become  aware that  living organisms are very sophisticated information technology.  Our bodies –  their  construction and   functions –  are  controlled  by computer -like programs.

Professor Freeman Dyson  gives  a  definition   of  life   at :

“For the purposes of this discussion, life is defined as a material system that can acquire, store, process, and use information to organize its activities. In this broad view, the essence of life is information, but information is not synonymous with life. To be alive, a system must not only hold information but process and use it. It is the active use of information, and not the passive storage, that constitutes life”.


In  the  1940’s ,mathematician  John Von Neuman  attempted  to  determine  the  logical  requirements  for  evolution  to  occur  in   biological  systems.  The  result  was  his  “universal  constructor” .

“Von Neumann’s specification defined the machine as using 29 states, these states constituting means of signal carriage and logical operation, and acting upon signals represented as bit streams. A ‘tape’ of cells encodes the sequence of actions to be performed by the machine. Using a writing head (termed a construction arm) the machine can print out (construct) a new pattern of cells, allowing it to make a complete copy of itself, and the tape”.

Details  of  the universal  constructor   may  be seen  at  :

In short, Von Neuman’s  universal  constructor  required  a set  of  instructions , a  means of duplicating  the instructions, and a capacity  to  implement the instructions.


In present  day  information technology  the  instructions  required  are  termed  prescriptive  (semantic) information  and  is typically produced  by  an intellect  as  the  Stanford Encylopedia of  Philosophy  states  at  :

If we think of genes or cells as literally carrying semantic information, our problem changes. Paradigm cases of structures with semantic information — pictures, sentences, programs — are built by the thought and action of intelligent agents.


Prescriptive  information  is  not  only  typically  produced  by  an  intellect  it  has  never  been  observed  to  occur  without  an intellect..


We  are  fearfully  and  wonderfully  made  by  an intellect  too  incredible  to  describe .

Take  a  look.

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