The IPPF and Young People – sex as you choose and abortion on demand ?


The  International  Planned Parenthood  Federation   shares  its  vision  for  the  sexual  lives  of  young  people ( 10 -24 years) in its  Youth  Manifesto  below :
ippf/youth is a manifesto for IPPF to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people as we move into the 21st century.

It was developed by our Youth Committee between April and October 1998.

Goal 1
Young people must have information and education on sexuality and the best possible sexual and reproductive health services (including contraceptives).

All young people must be able to choose from a full range of contraceptives including the latest advances in contraception.

Sexual and reproductive health services for young people must be:

  • confidential
  • accessible
  • free from judgement
  • offer a complete range of services

Service providers must make sure that they meet the different needs of all young people, married or unmarried, whatever their age, gender, ability, beliefs and sexual lifestyle.

Sexual and reproductive health education must be accurate, reliable and responsive to the physical and emotional needs of young people of all ages and sexual lifestyles.

Young men must be encouraged to use sexual and reproductive health services which have been designed for them.

Governments and policy makers must be urged to increase their commitment to sexual and reproductive health education and services for young people.

Service providers must make sure that they meet the additional needs of young people living with hiv/aids, survivors of sexual abuse and young sexual offenders.

Goal 2
Young people must be able to be active citizens in their society

Young people must have real decision-making power in all the work of IPPF and its members.

Young people must receive practical skills and knowledge so they can participate to the best of their ability in society.

The contribution of young people and the way that they present themselves must be valued and recognized throughout the Federation.

Youth groups must have direct access to funds and support.

Governments and policy makers must be urged to take action to support and promote youth participation in society.

Goal 3
Young people must be able to have pleasure and confidence in relationships and all aspects of sexuality.

Young people must be supported by laws that allow them to act freely in the way they choose to live their lives.

Obstacles that make young people uncomfortable about themselves, their bodies and their relationships must be removed.

Young people must be encouraged to know their own sexual rights and to respect the rights of others.

Young people‘s sexuality should have a positive image in society.

Society must recognize the right of all young people to enjoy sex and to express their sexuality in the way that they choose.


The  Organization  says  the  following  about  itself .

IPPF  is a global service provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. 

We have six Regional Offices:

Our global headquarters are in London, UK.

We employ over 300 people in our Central/Regional Offices.

We are one of the world’s largest organisations: we have more service delivery points than McDonald’s.

We are a global network of Member Associations, and we work in over 170 countries – providing and campaigning for sexual and reproductive health care and rights.

IPPF was formed in 1952 at the Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood in Bombay, India. More about our history.

Our work

We had 88.2 million visits in 2010 and served approximately 33 million clients.

The services our facilities provide for these users include:

  • counselling
  • gynaecological care
  • HIV-related services
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • infertility services
  • mother and child health
  • family planning
  • contraception
  • emergency contraception
  • abortion-related services


Income in 2010 of $124.2 million

Expenditure in 2010 of $126.8 million


The  Jamaica  Family  Planning  Association  (JFPA)  also  called  FAMPLAN   is  a  member  of  the  IPPF.

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