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In secular Britain fisting trumps christian values for child rearing ?

 Is  it  reasonable  to  assume  that  judges  understand  and  expect  the  implications   of  their  judgments ? is it  reasonable  to  assume  that  the  learned  judges  imply, by  their  judgment,  that  the  activities  of  Men who  have Sex  with  Men … Continue reading

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United Kingdom’s Gay Men’s Sex Survey 2006 report Fisting among 12.8% of MSM

The  United  Kingdom  Gay  Men’s  Sex  Survey  2006   reported  on  Fisting  among  Men who  have  Sex with Men at   section  4.2.3.    The  document  ,  named    : Multiple   Chances Findings from the United Kingdom Gay Men’s Sex Survey … Continue reading

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Support for Fisting trumps Christian values for foster care in Britain ?

Fisting  refers  to  inserting  the  hand  and arm   through  the  anus  into  the  rectum  and  sigmoid  colon.  Some  Men who  have  Sex  with  Men (MSM) pursue  this activity  in   fisting  circuit parties A  recent   ruling  by  the British  High  … Continue reading

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MSM : The “rights” of “The Bottom Line”

In  the  essay  “THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA” By Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill The  authors  recommended  in  their  strategy   for    “the gay movement to hitch its cause to accepted standards of law and justice because its straight supporters … Continue reading

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UNAIDS , homophobia and fisting

  Removal  of  sodomy  laws  make  all  acts  of  personal  intimacy  legally  equivalent. In  countries  without  sodomy  laws , of  which  a  buggery  law  is  a  type,  fisting  would be  legally  equivalent  to  sex between a man and  a  woman … Continue reading

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The Anglican Mainstream expresses concern about ” The Bottom Line”

At  : Pink  News   reported  on  a  letter, Dr Lisa Nolland, lay minister and blogger for Anglican Mainstream,  sent  to  her  MP in  which she claims that legalising same-sex marriage will lead to children being taught risky sexual … Continue reading

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A UN resolution to decriminalize all sexual orientations or conduct a study ?

  At  : The  UN  News  Centre  reports  on a  resolution  to  pursue  a  study  on violence  and  discrimination  against  persons  because  of  their  sexual  orientation UN rights body hits out against violence based on sexual orientation 17 June … Continue reading

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A “right” to disease ?

    The following  appeared  in the Jamaica  Gleaner Ban anti-buggery nations from Olympics – gay activists Published: Wednesday | June 13, 2012 0 Comments NEW YORK (AP): Despite broad worldwide gains for gay rights, homosexuality remains criminalised in … Continue reading

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HIV in MSM : Stigma and discrimination or behaviour ?

                                                         Mexico  decriminalized  buggery  in 1871     Correlates of unprotected anal sex among men who have sex with men in Tijuana, Mexico. Barron Limon S, Semple SJ, Strathdee SA, Lozada R, Vargas Ojeda A, Patterson TL. Free reading

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Is Dr. Eddie Greene’s claim that Buggery laws violate human rights unanimously accepted at the UN?

  Advocates  of  abortion  and  same-sex  relationships  have  developed  a  strategy  of  speaking  as  though  the  international  community  has  given unanimous  support  for  their  position  as  human  rights.  Persons who  are  unaware  that  these  issues  are  not  settled  International  Law … Continue reading

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