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Love or being used for propaganda ?

Men who  have  Sex  with Men are  our  brothers    is  this  what  we  wish  for our  brothers  ?   A)   B)   C) See:  for  the activities  of  MSM   D) Ronald Stall, M.D., of the University … Continue reading

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Gay and HIV homeless need help

  Men who  have  Sex  with Men  are  our  brothers.   Following  is  a  report  on an  unsatisfactory  state  of  affairs. This  blog  is  not  clear  why  this  situation  continues  and  is  apparently  worsening    but  it   requires  urgent  attention. … Continue reading

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Using IMF Negotiations to Change Belize’s Buggery Law ?

The  nation  of  Belize  is  undergoing  a  legal  challenge  to  remove  its  Buggery  Law. “Gay  rights”  activists  are  using  a  direct  approach  through  the  court  but  the following  appears  to  be  an attempt  to  sneak  the change  through by a  … Continue reading

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UNAIDS : Stigma and discrimination against anal penetration, fisting, felching, rimming etc cause of high HIV in MSM ?

A) UNAIDS are a group of United Nations agencies which are working to eliminate HIV worldwide.. On Page 123 of the document ” UNAIDS OUTLOOK 2010″ homophobia is defined as follows : “What is homophobia? UNAIDS describes   homophobia as intolerance … Continue reading

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HIV in MSM : stigma and discrimination sufficient explanation for high rates of infection ?

Stigma  and  discrimination  prevent  MSM   seeking  HIV  testing exacerbating  the  disease  burden of  this  population. AIDS Behav. 2012 Apr;16(3):499-507. HIV/AIDS-related stigmatizing and discriminatory attitudes and recent HIV testing among men who have sex with men in Beijing. Li X, Lu … Continue reading

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HIV is a Gay disease. Own it. End it.

  is  Gay good ?   A) Chin Med J (Engl). 2012 Jun;125(11):1857-61. HIV prevalence and influencing factors analysis of sentinel surveillance among men who have sex with men in China, 2003 – 2011. Wang L, Wang L, Norris JL, … Continue reading

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Men who have Sex with Men are our brothers – how are we to be our brothers’ keepers ? The phrase my brother’s keeper is a reference to the Biblical story of Cain and Abel in the book of Genesis. It is generally understood to mean “responsible for the welfare of my brother,” or, by extension, of … Continue reading

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