Embracing the “Hard Cell” Playroom ?

In supporting the  LGBT political  lobby and  agenda  leaders  like  US  President 

Barak  Obama,  Prime  Minister  David  Cameron, UN  Secretary  General  Ban Ki-Moon,

Master of  the Rolls Lord  Neuberger,  Archbishop  Tutu,  Lord  Justice  Munby, Mr.

Justice Beatson,  and  groups  such  as   Jamaicans for  Justice , Independent  Jamaican

Commission on Human Rights  and  others  must  or  ought  to  be  aware  that  they are 

simultaneously  endorsing  the  activities  of  the “Hard  Cell”  website  over  traditional 


See : http://www.hardcell.org.uk/playroom.htm

Should  these  groups  and  individuals  be  allowed  to  hide  their tacit  support  for  anal  penetration, fisting, rimming,” farming”, felching, brown showers, golden showers,watersports, scat  etc  behind  the  word  “rights”  or  should  they  be  called  upon   to  articulate  precisely   what  they  wish  their  nations  and  others  to  embrace ?


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