Using IMF Negotiations to Change Belize’s Buggery Law ?

The  nation  of  Belize  is  undergoing  a  legal  challenge  to  remove  its  Buggery  Law.

“Gay  rights”  activists  are  using  a  direct  approach  through  the  court  but  the following  appears  to  be  an attempt  to  sneak  the change  through by a  re-definition  of  the word  spouse.

If  a  person’s   spouse  can  be   a  member  of  the same-sex   a  law  barring  same-sex  intimacy   is  incoherent.

The  re-definition  of  spouse   occurred   as  a  part of   IMF  negotiations

Government redefines the word “spouse” in most Liberal definition ever

Government redefines the word spouse in most Liberal definition ever
Date: Wed 29, Aug 2012 |

We almost missed it, but the Opposition’s senators informed the church senator only a few minutes before today’s Senate session about the redefinition of a word that the church just might be interested in- “spouse”.  What does the term spouse have in common with such words as license, international banks, holding companies and such? If you say “nothing”, you are dead wrong! What’s the similarity? They are words that have been LEGALLY defined in today’s Passing of the Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions Act into law.  In the case of the term “spouse”, the word has been redefined to produce the most liberal definition of the term in Belize’s Laws to date.  The word, which was previously defined in law Under the Domestic Violence Act, as (a) a woman who cohabits with a man as if she were in law his wife; AND  (b) a man who cohabits with a woman as if he were in law her husband; now has a NEW enlarged definition.
The new definition reads: “spouse means in relation to an individual person. A wife, husband, OR OTHER INDIVIDUAL with whom the first named natural person is engaged in an ONGOING CONJUGAL RELATIONSHIP, whether common-law union as defined by section 148(D) of the Supreme Copurt Judicature Act, OR NOT and whether or not the two people are living together.
It is noteworth that it is under the Supreme Court Judicature Act that the whole concept of common law union is created and described. This new definition, by stating “or not”, describes.. a marriage UNION, a common law UNION, and a third type of UNION that is simply determined as “Conjugal’, whether the two people are living together or not…. And apparently, regardless of the sex of the individuals; male partners or female!
PlusNews understands that there are wide implications as under the Families and Children Act, Married Persons Property, the term ‘spouse’ is not defined. We will have more on this tomorrow as other legal opinions begin to pour in.


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