Secularism and the Emperor’s new clothes : Nonsense parading as learned and intellectual

“Thinking  themselves  wise  they  became  fools..”

Saul  of  Tarsus

Secularists, the ultimate incoherents, are claiming  the  moral  high  ground 

these  days despite  (within  the  atheist worldview)  an inevitable  lack  of  

the  possibility  of   free  will  or  objective morality.

In atheism human beings are  completely  defined  by  complex  chemical

 reactions ,  produced , by  chance , by   processes  constrained  by  the laws

 of  physics  and  chemistry.

Chemical  reactions  can  only  respond  to the  external  environment  

in a manner  that   has   been   fully   determined  by  what has  occurred  before

and  the  nature of  the  external  environment.

The  above  considerations  make  the  concept  of  Law  incoherent  within  atheism.

US  Supreme  Court  Justice,  Anthony  Kennedy  provides  a  classic  example  of  secular  incoherence  (stupidity)  in  his  statement :  

“At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life…”

A little  thought shows  that  if  the  United  States  were  silly  enough  to  adopt  such  a  philosophy  for its  laws  it  could  inevitably  have  no  laws  as  some  persons  concept  of   existence,  of  meaning, of  the  universe and of  the  mystery  of  human life   may  be that human life  has no meaning, serves no purpose  and that  there  should  in fact  be  no  laws.  One  wonders  how  the  learned  judge  would rule  if  such  a  person committed  murder.

The  problem  with  secularism  is  the  same  as  that  of   the Emperor’s  New  Clothes –  nonsense  paraded  as  sense  because  it  is  being  articulated  by “intelligent”  and  learned  people  like  Justice  Kennedy.

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