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Of secular wisdom and the consummation of marriage by felching

  “Thinking  themselves  wise  they  became fools” Saul  of  Tarsus Secularists  continue  to  distinguish  themselves by  incoherence. In traditional  thought  a  marriage   is  between  a  man  and  a  woman  and  the marriage  is  consummated i.e  the  transaction finalized  when … Continue reading

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Bermuda embraces the Hard Cell Playroom .

Bermuda  has  decided  that  it  will   prohibit  discrimination  in the provision of  goods, services  and  accommodation  on the ground  of  sexual  orientation. Sexual  orientation is  defined  by attraction, identity  and  behaviours. In making this legislative adjustment Bermuda  is  embracing … Continue reading

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Of lies, “homophobic” killings, name calling and an unfortunate affair

The  following  editorial  from  the  Jamaica  observer  highlights  a  number  of  important  truths regarding  LGBT  matters.   1. The  LGBT  lobby’s  commitment  to  lies for propaganda  effect  calling  any  killing  of  homosexuals  a “homophobic ”  killing 2.The “boy who cried … Continue reading

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United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy considers fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing among MSM normal aspects of diversity.

By definition sexual  orientation is  defined  by attraction, identity  and   behaviour. For  Men who  have  Sex  with Men this  includes fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing, anal penetration  etc.   United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy  apparently  consisders  these  behaviours   … Continue reading

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Of Human rights, anarchy and depravity

In his  commentary  below  Human Rights  lawyer  Hilaire  Sobers  sees  religion , and  in the context  of  Jamaica, Christianity  as  a treat  to  Human Rights  as  religion  imposes  its  morality  on  societies. As  a  secularist, i.e  one  who  holds  the … Continue reading

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On distinguishing human rights from anarchy and depravity – the Jamaican Press

Mr.  Hilaire  Sobers  is  a  lawyer  .  He  has  worked  at  the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  (IACHR)  since  2004.  Below  (A) is  his  commentary  on  religion  and human rights in response  to  another  commentary  by  sociologist  and  Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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“paternity !, maternity !, equality !”, – children’s rights to mother and father trump gay rights

Anti-Gay Marriage March In Paris Sees 340,000 People Take To The Streets The Huffington Post UK  |  Posted: 14/01/2013 11:11 GMT  |  Updated: 14/01/2013 12:00 GMT Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Paris on Sunday against President François Hollande’s plan to legalise gay marriage and adoption. … Continue reading

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UTech’s future ? – No discrimination !! so Christian group booted from Michigan University   Monday, 04 February 2013 21:30 Christian Group Booted From Michigan University Written by  Dave Bohon InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected campus-based Christian ministries, said in early February that the University of Michigan has … Continue reading

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English Judges : Lord Justice Munby – Backer of gay rights to be top family judge Backer of gay rights to be top family judge Lord Justice Munby is to take over from Sir Nicholas Wall Lord Justice Munby is to take over from Sir Nicholas Wall Frances Gibb Legal Editor Published at 12:01AM, December 21 … Continue reading

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English Law is not Christian : Judges give priority to support for fisting , felching scat, chariot racing over christian values for child rearing The law of England is not Christian The judgment in the case of a Pentecostal couple who wanted to foster children, but refused to accept homosexuality, is an important statement of secular principles The Christian Insitute and similar … Continue reading

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