We are Jamaicans. So fisting,felching,scat, anal penetration and chariot racing trump freedom of speech


The essential  and  significant   difference  between  the  LGBT rights  movement  and  the  black  civil  rights movement  is  that  the  former  is  about  emotion and  sexual  desire  whilst  the  latter  is  about  physical  traits.

In the  video  below  the  lawyer  for  Crystal  Dixon, a black university  professor who  was fired  for criticizing , in her private capacity,  LGBT activists claim  that  the  Gay rights  movement  is  identical   to  the black civil rights movement discusses  LGBT activists  and  their  supporters  fascist  commitment  to silence  freedom of  speech, conscience  and  religion.


This  blog  is  committed  to  LGBT  persons  receiving  all  the rights  in  the Jamaican Charter  of  Rights  but  is  firmly  against  trading  freedom  of  speech, conscience  and  religion  for  decriminalization  of  chariot chariot racing, scat  and  farming  etc  between  Men who have  Sex  with Men.




Below  Jamaicans   are  encouraged  to  embrace  homosexuals   and  inevitably  their  lifestyles,  which  for  Men who  have Sex  with Men (MSM) involves extremely unhealthy  and  bizarre practices  such as  fisting, felching, rimming etc  in addition to anal  penetration.

See :  http://www.hardcell.org.uk/en/playroom/    (the content of  this site  is  explicit) 



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