The problem with homosexual orientation ? – What is sex ?


AIDS FREE WORLD’s  lawsuit   against  the Jamaican  Government  raises  the  opportunity  to  forcefully  bring  to  the  Jamaican public  the  issues  which arise  when design  is expunged  from public  policy.

If  homosexual  intimate  activity  is  to be regarded  as  normal  and  positive  should  all such intimate  activity  be  so  regarded  and  if  not  all  which  and  how  does  one  determine  which ? 




Scat / Things to know

Also known in personal ads and internet profiles as:

  • brown
  • dirty (as in ‘into dirty’)
  • scatology.

Hanky code

Brown worn:

  • on the left (wants to dump on you)
  • on the right (wants to be dumped on).

What is scat?

Scat involves playing with shit, smearing it on your or his body, and sometimes eating it. It can also mean just getting off on seeing another guy dump his load.

‘Farming’ is taking shit from public toilets to play with.

What’s the attraction?

Taboos around cleanliness couldn’t be more powerfully broken by shit play: it’s everything we’ve been told not to do since childhood.

Men can be drawn to scat precisely because it provokes such a strong negative reaction in others. Lovers of scat might get a kick from stepping over what for most people is the line between what’s OK and what’s too extreme. Scat is perhaps the ultimate in sex without limits or inhibitions.

Privately we’re often fascinated by our own bowel movements and excrement. Scat lets men explore and share this interest and enjoy a special bond with other lovers of shit.

For scat fans shit can excite all the senses with its warmth, texture, smell, colour and possibly taste. Just like contact with the intimate body fluids of cum, spit or piss, sex involving shit can be a sign of intense closeness as someone is offering something that’s come from deep inside them. And in an intense power play scene, nothing is more symbolic of degradation, humiliation and control than exposure to faeces.



Felching / Things to know

What is felching?

Felching is sucking (usually your own) cum out of someone’s arse, possibly with a straw. It may then include passing the spunk from mouth to mouth.

What’s the attraction?

Many of us are drawn towards tasting or swallowing cum (our own or others). It can mean taking into the body something seen as valued and potent.

Felching can also signify the end of the sex act. This meaning is even stronger if the cum’s been inside the other man as it’s a strong sign of two men joining together in a very intimate, ‘no limits’ way.

A strong, ‘piggy’ erotic charge comes from breaking the taboos around cleanliness and health that come with taking into your mouth something that’s been up another man’s arse.



Claiming Privacy : Aids-Free World goes to Supreme Court for privacy rights to anal penetration, fisting,felching, rimming etc





Claiming Privacy: First Domestic Challenge to Jamaica’s Anti-Sodomy Law

February 11, 2013

In 2011, Jamaica’s Parliament unanimously approved a new Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms which, for the first time, explicitly guarantees the right to privacy. However, the Charter also appears to preserve the 1864 British colonially imposed anti-sodomy law. Under this law, intimacy between two adult men in the privacy of their bedrooms can land them in prison for up to 10 years at hard labour.  This creates an obvious contradiction: it is arguable that under the new Constitution it is now impossible to enforce the anti-sodomy law without breaching the new right to privacy.  Although the Jamaican government has resisted calls to repeal the law, the leaders of Jamaica’s major political parties have repeatedly said that they have no intention of prying into the bedrooms of consenting adults. Confusion about the interpretation of these competing provisions in the Charter is wreaking havoc on the private lives of Jamaican gay individuals. On behalf of one such person, young gay rights activist, Javed Jaghai, AIDS-Free World has filed a claim in the country’s Supreme Court seeking a declaration that the anti-sodomy law no longer applies to private acts of intimacy between consenting adult males.  The first hearing of the case will take place on June 25, 2013.

Javed was evicted from his home because of his sexual orientation.  The homeowner argued that, as a homosexual, Javed would break the law by engaging in intimate acts with other men on the premises.

Sadly, Javed’s experience is not uncommon; gay Jamaicans endure almost daily intrusions into their privacy.  In 2005, two middle-aged men were convicted under the anti-sodomy law when a passing policeman viewed them through their bedroom window.  In even more extreme cases, armed mobs have invaded the homes of homosexuals in an attempt to evict them; in other cases, homophobic neighbors have stoned and torched premises because they belonged to homosexuals or their families.  Even 11-year-old LGBT youth have been turned out on the street by family members, and the mere suspicion of homosexuality can earn someone an abrupt eviction, or worse.

These violations result in gay Jamaicans often having to pay a premium for housing.  Those who cannot afford it end up homeless.  The growing homeless LGBT population is presenting social and economic problems for Jamaica.  There is also a grave health risk.  Homeless LGBT sometimes turn to sex work as a means of survival where clients often pay more for unprotected sex.

The fear of an invasion into their privacy also impedes Jamaican men who have sex with men (MSM) from accessing public health facilities geared towards the treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS. Moreover, due to the anti-sodomy law, public health campaigns and facilities geared towards HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment cannot explicitly target homosexuals and MSM, even though both groups are recognized to be at highest risk for new HIV infections.

As guardians of the Constitution, we fully expect that the court will live up to its duty to interpret the law in a manner that gives full effect to constitutional values and principles, including the newly enshrined right to privacy of consenting adult Jamaicans.



Download a copy of this press release (PDF, 112KB)

For more information:

Maurice Tomlinson
Legal Advisor, Marginalized Groups
Cell: +1-647-537-2599

Anika Gray
Legal Analyst
Cell: +1-876-472-6601


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