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Secular intellectual sophistication and scat : Of colour,texture and bouquet

The  American  Psychiatry  Association (APA), American Psychology Association (APA), World  Health  Organization (WHO) and other influential  bodies which are significantly influenced by secular thought have issued  statements  to  the  effect  that  homosexual orientation is a “normal  and  positive”  aspect of … Continue reading

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Of Secular intellectual sophistication , late term abortion , felching , chariot racing and utter depravity

  Secularists  claim  the intellectual  high  ground . They  claim  christians   who  do  not  support  abortion  and  same -sex  relationships  are backward  and  living  in  a  morality from  the  bronze  age. Sophisticated  and  rational  secular  morality  sees  scat, farming, … Continue reading

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Of Secular wisdom, social re-organization, gender Identity , sexual anarchy and “other-specie loving” humans

The  breath  and depth  of  the  incoherence  of  the  atheist / secular  worldview  is  wondrous.   This  is  so , at  least  in part , because  atheists /  secularists  reject  design  and  purpose in  the  universe   and   are … Continue reading

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Of secular wisdom , transgender , commercial sex work and specie assignment

  “Fools  rush  in  where  wise  men  never  go….” With  no  objective  morality “everything  is  everything”  for  secular  “thinkers”  hence  transgender commercial  sex  work  is ” normal  and  positive”.  see  video  below Also  in  secular  “wisdom”  gender  is  independent  of … Continue reading

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Secular wisdom : Of same – sex “marriage” and a lioness’ “rights” to raise antelopes

  “sometimes  the  role  of  the  intelligent man is  simply  to  point  out  the  obvious”   –  George Orwell male  +  female  ≠   male  + male The  term  same-sex  marriage  is  an  oxymoron –  typical  of  the  euphemisms  of  secular … Continue reading

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“Free and democratic society” = “free and depraved society” ?

Secular  sexual  anarchists  would  like  Jamaica’s  buggery  law  removed  so  no intimate  activity  would  be  illegal. The  essential  consideration  in the lawsuit  brought  against  the   Jamaican state  by  AIDS  FREE  WORLD   is  that making   anal  penetration, chariot … Continue reading

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We are Jamaicans – Whitney , LGBTTTI with ?Z next , and “fools rush in…”

” Fools  rush  in where  wise men never  go” There  is  no  logical  reason  within the  atheist / secular  worldview  why  the next in   the   series  of  “We  are  Jamaicans “ video  produced  by  the Jamaica  Forum of  Lesbians, … Continue reading

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