Of Bronze age wisdom and modern secular stupidity and depravity.

The “bronze age”  produced  Bible recommends, for  the common good,  that  marriage

 and  sex  should  be  between one man  and one woman  using  the penis  and  the


On the other  hand  in  their  great  wisdom  modern  day “intellectual  and  reasoned”

secularists  tout promiscuity  and acts  such as fisting ,  felching, rimming,

“farming”, scat, chariot racing, anal penetration, water  sports  etc.




Felching / Things to know

What is felching?

Felching is sucking (usually your own) cum out of someone’s arse, possibly with a straw. It may then include passing the spunk from mouth to mouth.

What’s the attraction?

Many of us are drawn towards tasting or swallowing cum (our own or others). It can mean taking into the body something seen as valued and potent.

Felching can also signify the end of the sex act. This meaning is even stronger if the cum’s been inside the other man as it’s a strong sign of two men joining together in a very intimate, ‘no limits’ way.

A strong, ‘piggy’ erotic charge comes from breaking the taboos around cleanliness and health that come with taking into your mouth something that’s been up another man’s arse.

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