“Free and democratic society” = “free and depraved society” ?

Secular  sexual  anarchists  would  like  Jamaica’s  buggery  law  removed  so  no intimate  activity  would  be  illegal.

The  essential  consideration  in the lawsuit  brought  against  the   Jamaican state  by  AIDS  FREE  WORLD   is  that making   anal  penetration, chariot  racing, farming, jackhammering, felching  and  other  such depraved  behaviours    illegal  between  Men  who  have  Sex  with Men  (MSM) cannot  be justified  in a  “free  and  democratic  society”.  For  secularists  apparently  “free  and  democratic”  equates  to  “free  and  depraved”          


Considerations  on the meaning  of  “a  free  and  democratic  society”


Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the section that confirms that the rights listed in the Charter are guaranteed. The section is also known as the reasonable limits clause or limitations clause, as it legally allows the government to limit an individual’s Charterrights. This limitation on rights has been used in the last twenty years to prevent a variety of objectionable conduct such as hate speech (e.g., in R. v. Keegstra) and obscenity (e.g., in R. v. Butler). It has also been used to protect from the unreasonable interference of government in the lives of people in a free and democratic society by defining these limits.[citation needed]

When the government has limited an individual’s right, there is an onus upon the Crown to show, on the balance of probabilities, firstly, that the limitation was prescribed by law namely, that the law is attuned to the values of accessibility and intelligibility; and secondly, that it is justified in a free and democratic society, which means that it must have a justifiable purpose and must be proportional.

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