Is secular stupidity ultimately the cause of the HIV epidemic and the continued high and disproportionate prevalence of HIV among MSM ?

” Fools rush in where wise men never go”

The sexual revolution  of  the 1960s  was  made possible in part  by  the contraceptive  pill  and  the rise  in secular  thought  and  organization. It  influenced  the  Gay rights movement.

Consequent  on the rise  in secular  thought  some US  States  such as  California  removed  their  sodomy  laws  by  legislative  repeal. This  provided  the  opportunity  for  promiscuous, anonymous  sex  with multiple  partners  between Men who  have Sex  with Men (MSM) in bath houses.

The  HIV  epidemic  was  first identified  among  this  group  of  young  men.  

The virus  was  subsequently  shown to  have  been present in  humans  prior  to  these  cases  among  Gay men in American cities  but  the activities  of  these  men appear  to  have  provided  fertile  ground  for  what  would  become  a  world wide pandemic. 

Men who have  Sex  with Men (MSM) are  still  the group most  significantly  affected  by  HIV.

The LGBTTTI agenda  is  driven by  the secular  world view.

 Mental  health professionals   divide  sexual  orientation into 1) identity 2) attraction  3) behaviours .

In secularism  there  is  no  objective  morality –  morality  may  be  relativistic  or  nihilistic.

In this world view   all attractions, all identities  and  all  behaviours  may be  ” normal  and  positive” . 

In secularism scat, farming, fisting, felching,  anal penetration rimming, chariot racing, jackhammering etc  are  normal  and  positive  to  be  tolerated  as  aspects  of  human diversity

The American Psychiatry Association, its  philosophical roots in the secular  world view, determined  that  homosexual  orientation was not  a mental  disorder in 1973.  Other  mental  professional bodies  which also use  secularism as  their philosophical framework soon followed  suit.

Secularists  insist  that  Men having Sex  with Men is  an acceptable  alternate life style  equivalent to that of  heterosexuals.  

They  reject  orthodox medical  epidemiological practice  in the specific  instance  of  HIV among  MSM .   This  requires advising a  group  which has a  high prevalence  of  a disease to cease  and  desist  the activities  known to cause or  be associated swith the disease. Using  their  political clout secularists  are  preventing Health Departments  the world  over  from making  such a clear  and  required call  for  MSM  to cease  and  desist their  intimate activities.

In  their  folly  secularists have  constructed  a farcical ” rights  based  ”  approach  to HIV prevention

Naturally  this  has not  work  and  MSM  remain  the only group  in the world  among  whom HIV rates  are increasing regardless  of  the income  levels  of  countries  studied.    

Sometimes  the role  of  the intelligent man is  simply  to  point  out  the obvious”

George  Orwell

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