Of secular stupidity, egalitarianism in behaviour and hard, cold facts


”  Thinking themselves  wise they became fools”

Saul of Tarsus

Secularists  claim the intellectual high ground.

They claim  that in  contrast  to  the  irrational  and  superstitious decision making process  of  religious persons  they  use  reason  and  intellect to  come  to  decisions.

Using  their  reason and  intellect  they  find  “fisting, felching, rimming,” farming”, scat, jackhammering, chariot racing , anal penetration etc  to  be  “normal  and  positive”  aspects  of  human  sexual  behaviour .  They also   find  the  ” bronze  age  sexual morality ” of  the  Bible  unacceptable  in modern liberal  democracies. 

It  is  said  that  “the  taste  of  the  pudding  is  in  the  eating”  and  that

 ” fools  rush  in where  wise men never  go”   so despite  the   rhetoric  of   the  

foolish secular  ideology  “facts  remain facts”  and  “Garbage  in is  garbage  out”


JCHS- Ad Speaking truth 1

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