Truth has fled : Why there is “Testifyingtotruth”

The  following  claim  re:  the  JCHS  involvement  in attempts  by  Jamaica  gay activists  to publish  an  Ad  in  the local media   is  entirely  false.

Misrepresentation  and  outright  lies   e.g  “homophobic ” attacks  and  murders  is  apparently  a  part of  the  LGBT  agenda’s  approach  to  securing  “rights”

A David and Goliath court battle with gay rights taking on religious hate in Jamaica

As a gay Jamaican fights to ‘read down’ the law against anal sex on the island, the religious lobby go into full attack mode
Maurice Tomlinson explains the damage Jamaica's anti-buggery law is doing.


Life is full of ironies.

Jamaican religious groups such as the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) campaigned vociferously against the broadcast of a paid TV ad which did nothing more than exhort Jamaicans to respect the human rights of gays. Last week, the JCHS even admitted to writing letters to the TV stations threatening them with retaliation from Jamaica’s powerful church lobby, if the ads were aired.

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