LGBT Facism and the British Gaystapo


The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true. This is the ordinary course in a free society. The response to the unreasoned is the rational; to the uninformed, the enlightened; to the straight-out lie, the simple truth.   –    Anthony Kennedy



In secular and  now  fascist  Britain  the  fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing, jackhammering  etc  of  the Hard  Cell  Playroom  published  by   Terrence  Higgins  Trust  is  main  stream.

To  support  its  commitment  to  the  LGBT  lobby   in  Britain  public  dissent  about  homosexual  behaviour  is   punishable by  law.  The  British  appear  to  be  on the  verge  of  policing  thought itself  to  maintain depravity.

Fortunately   in  Jamaica ,  unlike  in the  now   LGBT  fascist   once  great  Britain,  no  one  is  locked  up  for  criticizing  another’s  behaviour.

Wimbledon tennis preacher arrested for gay hate

Police and preacher go head-to-head in a verbal rally that ends in the anti-gay extremist serving time in a police station
An anti-gay preacher went head-to-head with the police and was later arrested for his homophobic hate.  

An extremist homophobic Christian preacher was arrested for calling gay people ‘sinners’ during the international tennis event Wimbledon.

Tony Miano, 49, an American evangelist, was held for around six hours in a police station after ranting about ‘sexual immorality’ on the south-west London street.

In a statement made to Gay Star News, a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: ‘Police were called to Wimbledon Hill Road, SW19, at approximately 16.40 on Monday 1 July following reports of a man speaking through a public address system who was alleged to have made homophobic comments.

‘Officers attended and arrested the man, aged 49, on suspicion of offences under the Public Order Act.

‘He was taken to a south-west London police station and spoken to by officers before being released with no further action later the same day.’

In a video posted to YouTube, a police officer can be seen approaching Miano and going head-to-head in a verbal rally over whether the preacher’s anti-gay remark-laden speech had contained anything homophobic.

He can be seen trying to defend himself with a young boy called Alistair, who was giving out leaflets to promote one of Miano’s sermons.

‘Homophobic would somehow mean that I am afraid of homosexuals, and I love homosexuals,’ he says. ‘I want them to turn from their sin and put their trust in Christ.’

Miano then says during his time at the police station he was questioned about his Christianity.

‘He asked me, among other things, whether I believed homosexuality was a sin,’ Miano said, according to The Telegraph.

‘The two final questions were, “Do you believe you are 100% right in what you did today?” I answered yes, and “If you were to go back there tomorrow, would you do the same thing again?” to which I also answered yes.’

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