“For Truth – the Issachar Foundation”


In  my  other  blog, which  I  have  neglected  for  too  long, Professor  John  Lennox  of 

Oxford University explains  why  atheism can provide no basis for morality.

See :  http://miwe99.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/good-without-god-professor-john-lennox/

Look  out for  more  postings   on  “For  Truth  –  The  Issachar  Foundation”

 and   if   you  have  found    “Testifyingtotruth”   to  be  worthwhile  follow  “For 

Truth  –  The Issachar  Foundation”  .  It  will  have  the  same  no  holds  barred 

approach  to philosophy, evolution, intelligent  design, genomics,bioinformatics etc   

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