The uninformed Kevin Rudd equates chattel slavery in the Americas to the non-oppressive slavery God allowed the Israelites

In the clip below the uninformed former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd compares the chattel slavery of  the Americas with the non-oppresvive slavery God permitted the Israelites.

It would seem that  Mr. Rudd  has not taken the time to inform himself  on the differences in the slavery permitted by God  and that practised in the Americas. It should  also be noted that God permitted things with which He did not prefer e.g. divorce and slavery. In the  Bible  slavery is mentioned as a curse for sin.

The God of the Bible permitted the Israelites to have slaves however  in Exodus 23:9 He commanded them not to oppress their slaves.  

New International Version  Exodus 23:9
“Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt.

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4 Responses to The uninformed Kevin Rudd equates chattel slavery in the Americas to the non-oppressive slavery God allowed the Israelites

  1. Stephen Brown says:

    This concept of “non-oppressive slavery” is laughable at best. If you cannot see the immorality of ownership of another person, regardless of their treatment please allow me to explain.

    Even if a slave is treated well by his master the very fact that a human being owns another person is in itself oppressive as the slave effectively has lost an essential part of their humanity, ie. their freedom. The slave cannot leave his kind master, he must do as he says.

    Slavery is immoral in all it’s forms, be it chattel slavery, sex slavery and also when permitted by god.

    • The Bible has not stated that slavery is an ideal.
      Like divorce, disease, war etc it is a man-made a part of the human experience
      Sickness is not a God ordained or preferred status but in view of its reality God instructed us to visit the sick. Similarly slavery was a reality in the ancient world so God commanded the Israelites,
      in the context of that man made experience, that they should not oppress their slaves in scriptures such as Exodus 23:9. Ultimately we were instructed to love our neighbours – which includes slaves – as our selves.
      So under God instructions the master slave relationship in Israel was not to be one of oppression hence the concept of “non-oppresive” slavery is a valid description for the way master / slave relationships were to be conducted in Israel.

      • Stephen Brown says:

        So basically that means we humans are now morally superior to the god of the Bible who could have told the Israelites “do not keep slaves, love all your neighbours” but instead chose the less moral “if you have to keep slaves, treat them well” in order to conform to the cultural norms of the time.

      • One reason for slavery in the Bible was to punish nations for living unrighteously.
        Other means of punishment included famine, drought, disease, debt, defeat in war and paying tribute etc.
        God punished Israel by enslavement and used Israel to punish other nations by enslaving them.
        Are you suggesting that God was immoral to apply any punishment to nations if their conduct were unsatisfactory or that the other options of drought, famine, disease, debt etc are to be preferred.

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