Gaystapo President , Barak Obama seeing his dream come true ?

Blacks, including black evangelical christians, voted for and support American president Barak Obama in overwhelming numbers …..because he is black.

To be fair to him President Obama has from the very earliest made it clear that his primary interest and dominant social concern and  ideology was the LGBT agenda. 

Among  the homosexuals he appointed  to high position was lesbian Chai Felblum who became chairman of  the Equal Employment Opportunity  Commission (EEOC).  Ms. Felblum is said  to be  among the first to articulate that homosexual rights should trump religious freedom in the public square.

The bakers in the story below have begun to feel the effects of President Obama’s gaystapo ideology.

Christian bakers who refused cake order for gay wedding forced to close shop

A husband-and-wife bakery shop team in Oregon were forced to close their shop doors and move to cheaper digs — their home — after gay-rights activists hounded them and drove away contract business because they refused for Christian reasons to bake for a same-sex wedding.

Aaron and Melissa Klein own and operate Sweet Cakes by Melissa. In the past few months, they’ve faced heated scrutiny — some in the form of physical threats — from those in the gay-rights crowd who decried their May refusal to bake for a lesbian couple who wanted to marry.

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The Kleins cited their Christian beliefs of traditional marriage when they turned down that business gig, The Blaze reported. But the lesbian couple filed a complaint with the state, accusing the shop owners of discrimination.

Since, they’ve been hounded by vicious telephone calls and emails.

Some of those threats were shocking. One emailer wished for the couple’s children to fall ill. Another expressed hope that Mr. Klein should be shot and even raped, The Blaze reported.

And yet another wrote: “Here’s hoping you go out of business, you bigot.”

The couple said on top of that, their vendors were “badgered and harassed” into stopping all associations with the bakery.

The Kleins say they’re now closing up their doors and moving their operations to their home. Their business, they say, has suffered a serious revenue hit from the unexpected activism and backlash.

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