Love March Movement : Wise Young Jamaicans reject the folly and depravity of secularism


Fools rush in where wise men never go”

 In the following clip some Jamaican Young people show that  they have more wisdom than “their teachers”  as predicted  by Psalm 119:99


See :                                       LOVE MARCH MOVEMENT on TVJ News


United Kingdom judges claim that  the  UK is  a secular  society. This  means  that  the  nation subscribes  to  no  objective  morality  and embraces  fisting, felching, farming, scat, chariot racing, jackhammering  etc  as  “normal  and  positive”  aspects  of  human sexuality.

The  British  government  has  engaged  the services  of Terrence Higgins Trust  publisher  of  the Hard Cell  Playroom  to  prepare  teaching  material  on  sex  education  for  British children

Since  English colonialism Jamaican laws  have  had  the  Judeo-Christian worldview  as  their  foundation. In this  worldview  fisting, felching, farming, scat, chariot racing, jackhammering  are considered  to  be depraved  behaviour.  Secularists  are  however  aggressively claiming, without evidence, that  Jamaica  is  a secular  country.  Since  laws  must  be  formed  in some  philosophical framework  laws  in secular countries  are,  by default,  framed  in an  atheistic  worldview .  In atheism  everything  is  permissible  hence  scat, farming, fisting, felching, jackhammering, chariot racing  etc  are “normal  and  positive”.

It  is  interesting  that secularists  who claim the intellectual  high ground embrace eating  and  playing  with human faeces  as  “normal  and positive”  and  claim “rights”  to  these  behaviours.

Fortunately for Jamaica there are wise young people who show much greater wisdom than the English judges.

Congratulations to the LOVE MARCH MOVEMENT !!!!



Scat / Things to know

Also known in personal ads and internet profiles as:

  • brown
  • dirty (as in ‘into dirty’)
  • scatology.

Hanky code

Brown worn:

  • on the left (wants to dump on you)
  • on the right (wants to be dumped on).

What is scat?

Scat involves playing with shit, smearing it on your or his body, and sometimes eating it. It can also mean just getting off on seeing another guy dump his load.

Farming’ is taking shit from public toilets to play with.

What’s the attraction?

Taboos around cleanliness couldn’t be more powerfully broken by shit play: it’s everything we’ve been told not to do since childhood.

Men can be drawn to scat precisely because it provokes such a strong negative reaction in others. Lovers of scat might get a kick from stepping over what for most people is the line between what’s OK and what’s too extreme. Scat is perhaps the ultimate in sex without limits or inhibitions.

Privately we’re often fascinated by our own bowel movements and excrement. Scat lets men explore and share this interest and enjoy a special bond with other lovers of shit.

For scat fans shit can excite all the senses with its warmth, texture, smell, colour and possibly taste. Just like contact with the intimate body fluids of cum, spit or piss, sex involving shit can be a sign of intense closeness as someone is offering something that’s come from deep inside them. And in an intense power play scene, nothing is more symbolic of degradation, humiliation and control than exposure to faeces.



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