Public Policy achievements of the secular world view : Killing unborn children by decapitation

” What mommy did.. what will mommy do next” ?

In forming  public policy without a transcendent reference point  (effectively atheistic)

secularists  deny objective morality and design or purpose in the universe.

Within this paradigm  the  supposedly   intellectual  secularists  have distinguished

themselves  with  folly, depravity  and  barbarism.

In addition to  creating    “rights”  to  fisting, felching, rimming , scat and farming

etc by  Men  who have Sex with Men (MSM) in countries such as  the USA, Canada  and 

the  UK  secularists  can also boast of having created  “rights” for women to decapitate

 their  unborn children.

”  What mommy did”

abortedbaby29” What will mommy do next ….” ?

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