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Secular barbarism ,depravity and stupidity in the law : Abortion restrictions unconstitutional

  Operating within the brain dead  secular  worldview in which every  thing is  permissible  i.e “normal and  positive”  including eating  faeces  a  Federal judge in Texas apparently thinks  that  denying women the “right” to dismember and decapitate  their  un-born very … Continue reading

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UNAIDS : HIV prevention among MSM or “sexual rights” even at the expense of the health of MSM ?

  The  item below  was  originally  posted  on this  Blog  in September  2011.   The  following  is  from  the  English version  of  the  People’s  Daily  Online : (A) Gay men hit hard by HIV/AIDS 16:11, July 11, 2011 Gay … Continue reading

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Boneheaded : Dunce, diseased and depraved

  “Thinking themselves wise they became fools”                                                                – Saul … Continue reading

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Fooling themselves : the beat goes on – the “rights – based” approach to HIV in MSM continues to fail.

” sometimes the role of  the intelligent man is simply to point out  the obvious” … George Orwell UNAIDS has apparently launched  a book  on HIV  in MSM  framing  the required  response  in a “rights-based”  perspective. This author  has  not  … Continue reading

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EU Parliament votes against foolish, savage and barbaric secular proposal that killing and dismembering unborn human beings is a human “right”

  ” Fools  rush in where wise men never go “   Secularists  continue  to show  their  stupidity, savagery and  barbarism by  claiming  that  it  is  a  “human  right ” to decapitate, dismember  and   otherwise  destroy  unborn human beings. These  … Continue reading

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Design in Biology. Codes, information theory and evidence for a mind in the origin of life.

  If one wonders why supposedly  intelligent  persons can  be  secular  and  embrace some  of the absolutely  foolish concepts which secularists  defend  and  support the  answer  starts  here. Secularists  live  in  the  “Emperor’s new clothes” type  of  peer-pressure  delusion  that  … Continue reading

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Transferring stigma and discrimination : Is Rev Gary Hall saying that one is sinning if one does not support fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, jackhammering etc between MSM ?

Since  peno-vaginal  intercourse is not an option for MSM they purse anal penetration, fisting  etc  for  intimacy.  It  would  appear  from the  comments below the Rev Gary  Hall  believes  that  if  one  does not  support fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot … Continue reading

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