A correction : California has not banned efforts to change sexual orientation in all persons

Comment  :  An LGBT activist has  advised  Testifyingtotruth  that  California has not banned  therapy to change same-sex orientation in all  persons but rather only  in persons  below  the age  of 18years.

Testifyingtotruth  thanks  the individual  for  the correction as an objective  of  this Blog  is  to  be truthful   however  the information provided  is  even more  ominous  as  the  California  Law  appears  to  be  seeking  to restrict assistance  to change behaviour  in early  life  when one  would  expect  lifestyle  changes  may  be  easier  and  produce  better  outcomes.  The  original  post  is repeated  below.

Somebody’s got sense 2 : Why a One World Government is bad.

Professor  Ronald Stall  of  the University of  Pittsburg has determined  that  at present rates  of  new  HIV  infections  among non-black  Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in  the  USA 41%  of  those  who were 18 years old  and  HIV negative  in 2008 will be HIV positive by age 40.  

The  figure  for  blacks  is  60+%..

The  USA has  the highest  rates of HIV among MSM in developed  countries  and  the differential rate of  HIV infections between MSM  and  the general population is higher in the USA that in the average third world country.

California has however banned  any attempts to change same-sex orientation of  which behaviour  is a component and  is  aggressively push homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle. Fortunately not everyone is as stupid.

If  there  were a single  government running the  world we would  not be able  recognise  stupidity  as easily as  we would not have outcomes with which to compare different public policies 


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