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Archbishop Wabukala testifies truth to functional atheists in Church of England

  “Woe to those who call wrong right and right wrong….” …  Isaiah 5:20   What communion has light with  darkness ? Unlike  the  wishy – washy  and  compromised  stance  of  the functional atheists  in the Church of England   Archbishop … Continue reading

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Kenya’s Archbishop Eliud Wabukala calls a spade a spade and hints that the UK Anglican Church is a functional atheist institution.

“homosexuality is incompatible with Scripture”. …..Anglican Archbishop Stanley Ntagali… Testifyingtotruth  is  encouraging  functional  atheists  to leave  the christian church and  go  where  they belong  –  into  secular / atheist  groups.   This  encouragement applies  to laity  as well as  priests  … Continue reading

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Of a Lesbian Pope, functional atheists , disordered thinking and “rights” to fisting and felching

  ” sometimes  the role  of  the intelligent  man is simply to point out  the obvious” …..  George  Orwell …. Testifyingtotruth holds  that  the greatest  danger  posed by secular  thought is  that  it embraces disorder  as  normal. If  the following  is … Continue reading

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Of functional and other atheistic lifestyle commitments

”  the fool has said in his heart –  there is no God – “ As is typical in human nature and experience atheism comes in many  shapes  and sizes. A study done by staff of  the  University of Tennessee … Continue reading

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Somebody’s got some sense ! : Indian Supreme Court maintains no “rights” to fisting,felching , farming, anal penetration, scat etc

  ” sometimes the role of the intelligent man is simply to point out  the obvious” ….  George  Orwell…. While US,UK, Canadian etc Supreme Courts ruled  that  there  are “rights” to disease producing  and depraved  behaviours such as fisting, felching, farming, … Continue reading

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Same sex child rearing experiment : Setting the basis for UNAIDS- like failure to control HIV in MSM ?

The American Academy of  Pediatricians has “come out” in support of  same – sex couples raising children but is  this based  on science or ideology. ? The American College of  Pediatricians, an  ideologically   christian  group, disagrees  with  the position  taken … Continue reading

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Response to Adam Kolasinski’s “A Secular Case Against Gay Marriage”’s-“a-secular-case-against-gay-marriage”/ Response to Adam Kolasinski’s “A Secular Case Against Gay Marriage” The Tech, MIT’s university newspaper, published an opinion piece on February 17th, 2004 by Adam Kolasinski entitled, “The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage.” For this paper, I will first … Continue reading

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