Surprise ! Surprise ! Secularists are boneheaded in religion too!

“Sometimes  the role  of  the intelligent man is simply to point out  the obvious”

……. George  Orwell …..

This  Blog  is  lovingly  trying  to  direct  functional atheists  in to  more  coherent behaviour  so  wish  with us  for  the  new  year   that  functional atheist,  the  so-called,  Rev.  Canon  Albert Ogle  and  others  like  him  leave  the  church  and   go  where  they  belong – to  atheist / secular  groups.  

 Rev  Canon Albert  Ogle’s  position on LGBT matters   is   philosophically  consistent  with atheists  who  deny “design  with intent  and  for  purpose” in the universe.  The  atheist  position on homosexuality  is  therefore logically  coherent  but wrong  in that  the  atheist  first premise (axiom)  –  that  there  is  no  God –  is  wrong.

Not  so  the Rev  Canon  Albert  Ogle who  is  totally  incoherent  in addition to  being  completely  un-biblical .

Someone who  claims  to  be  theist  i.e  claims  to  believe  that  God  made  the universe,  and  and  claims  to  speak  for  God  in support  of  homosexuality , like  the Rev  Canon  Albert  Ogle  ,  is  implying  that  the designer  of  the universe ( GOD ) is  utterly  incoherent or  mad  or  both  for  a god  who embraces  homosexuality  must  also  reject  the concept  of  “design  with intent and  for  purpose”.  

Rev Canon Albert  Ogle  is entitled  to his  opinion but  not  from a  place  of  incoherence.

 Functional  atheists  such as himself  ,  Archbishop Tutu  ,  the Rev  Gary  Hall  and  others  should  speak  from a  place  of   coherence   –  from a  secular /  atheist  group.  

Of  course  they will not  for  their  role  is to  function as  5th columnists which allows  LGBT  groups  such as GLAAD  to claim  that  some  ”christians”  support  homosexuality.

On another  note this  Blog  commends  and   supports the Rev Canon  Albert  Ogle  for  his   work  to  assist  persons  with  HIV  and  to  reduce / eliminate  violence  against  LGBT persons.  


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LGBT rights in 2013: Don’t forget gains amid losses

As 2013 comes to an end, this blog’s ally, the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, president of the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, reviews both the progress and setbacks of 2013 from the viewpoint of that organization’s advocacy of LGBT rights:

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle on "Gay Talk Tonight"

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle on “Gay Talk Tonight”


As 2013 ends today, time provides us with a marker to review the progress we have made and the challenges ahead. It was not a good year for international LGBT rights or improving access to resources designed to prevent more people from being infected with HIV.

Progress was made in the USA and Europe giving LGBT couples the opportunity to re-shape their shared lives when the Supreme Court made its historic decision on marriage equality. LGBT military personnel began to be treated equally while a number of other European countries also voted for marriage equality and the right for LGBT parents to adopt children. However, the losses in 2013 far outweighed our gains, from Eric Lembembe’s brutal murder in Cameroon, to recent anti-gay sentiments and laws in India, Nigeria, Russia and Uganda.

The Foundation’s high points this year were undoubtedly the creation of the Good Samaritan Consortium in Uganda with the Catholic Archbishop’s World AIDS Day message that Catholic health services will not discriminate. 

Maxensia Nakibuuka was also appointed to coordinate HIV services for the Catholic health system and we began some important conversations in Rome as a result of the new openness created by Pope Francis.

These breakthroughs were closely followed by our two very significant panels discussing LGBT issues (poverty and development) at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. The increasing legislative barrage against LGBT people means it is now more difficult than ever to break out of the suffering caused by poverty and discrimination. Or donors and supporters are invited to review all of our accomplishments here: 2013 Foundation Annual Report.

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