The “utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist” thought policing LGBT Lobby are at it again – Dappy

” The  LGBT  Lobby (Gaystapo)  is  a  fascist , thought-policing threat  to freedom”

………  Testifyingtotruth ……


With  HIV “soaring”  among MSM in London,  “out of control” among  MSM 

in France,”disproportionately  high  and  increasing  among  MSM in the

USA  the  Gaystapo handles  bad  press   and  its  insecurity  by  seeking  to bully

opponents into silence.

Add  N-Dubz rapper Dappy  to  the long  list of  persons  threatened, harrassed,

fired,demoted  etc  by  the Gaystapo  and its  supporters  for disagreeing  with


xxxxx  E N D S xxxxx

Celebrity Big Brother’s Dappy warned for anti-gay comments

British reality show bosses have accused the rapper for using ‘bent’ as a gay slur after Evander Holyfield said being gay was a ‘choice’ and could be ‘fixed’
07 January 2014 | By Joe Morgan

Celebrity Big Brother's Dappy has been accused of anti-gay comments.

Another Celebrity Big Brother contestant is in trouble for homophobia as N-Dubz rapper Dappy described gay people as ‘bent’.

He is the second housemate to be warned against homophobic language while in the British reality show house.

The rapper’s remark came during a chat with Jasmine Waltz. She asked him if he had ever sucked his own…endowment.

He replied: ‘Do I look bent?’

Later, Dappy was called into the diary room and was told he could have caused offence to gay people with his comment.

It was revealed it was the third time Dappy had been told off about his language while in the house.

In all fairness to the rapper, you do have to bend to get into that particular position.

Celebrity Big Brother was recovering after former boxer Evander Holyfield was also warned for homophobic comments.

He said being gay was not ‘normal’ and it was like a disease that could be ‘fixed’.

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