Excellent ! Wonderful news ! Great News ! Bible believing Methodists may split with functional atheists

 ” Only  in the incoherence  of  secularism  could  a  functional atheist  “christian”  theist  pastor  “marry”  same – sex  couples – stupidity  car dun ! ”

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”  Question : why do functional  atheists  insist on being  incoherent in their support  for  the LGBTI  agenda” ?

“Answer :  because  they  are  non-believing  5th columnists  for  the  LGBT  Lobby”

Recommendation :  Actively encourage functional  atheists  to  leave  christianity  and  join atheist / secular  groups of their  choice

Expected  response  :  Functional  atheists   will  not  leave  the church because  they  are …. 5th columnists.  Their  role  is  to  allow  the LGBT  lobby  to  say  tha some “christians” support homosexuality


Unfortunately  the  reality  is  that  we  are  likely  to  be  stuck with  5th columnists  functional atheists   for  some  time  yet  .. ah  well , so  be  it.



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Another United Methodist pastor punished for same-sex marrying

But African members might save the American church from itself

By Steve Weatherbe Nov 21, 2013

Pastor Frank Schaefer (r) and son Tim: Dissent is growing.
Pastor Frank Schaefer (r) and son Tim: Dissent is growing.

Is the United Methodist Church headed for schism over same sex marriage? The Episcopal, Evangelical Lutheran, and Presbyterian Churches all sparked sizeable defections by conservatives when they allowed homosexual coupling.

Meanwhile, internal dissent is growing against the UMC’s Book of Discipline. It states: “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” This week a church court in Pennsylvania suspended Lebanon Pastor Frank Schaefer for 30 days for marrying his son to another man six years ago, the fourth such conviction since 1998, with another four cases pending.

The rift goes very deep

Will the issue split the UMC down the middle? Several regional conferences have voted to dump the ban, and a retired bishop has endorsed change. There are said to be 1,000-plus pastors publicly pledged to perform same-sex marriages, and many do them in open and public defiance of the church.

Take the Rev. Dean Snyder, long time pastor of Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington D.C., who has reportedly celebrated 20 plus homosexual weddings without one complaint. “This [trial] is an effort to push out people who are in ministry with gay and lesbian people. It’s very sad,” he said.

Thomas A. Lambrecht, vice president of Good News, a group of conservative United Methodists, thinks the ruling is fair, giving Schaefer time to consider his future.

Conscious that Schaefer’s supporters are assiduously framing the issue as one of love versus (empty, rigid, doctrinaire) rules, he says, “It would be the very opposite of love for us to refrain from speaking out when people, through ignorance or wilfulness, depart from living by God’s moral framework. Whether the departure be greed, idolatry, gossip, lying, murder, or sexual immorality, these and all other transgressions of God’s moral framework violate the order God inherently placed in the world and lead to physical, social, environmental, emotional and spiritual deterioration, not flourishing.”

See Unto the Ends of the Earth

Though the early attempts to plant the faith in black Africa were of limited success in the 19th century, they bore enormous fruit in the 20th: Chapter 7.

Unto the Ends of the Earth, Volume 11 of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years

Saved by the Africans?

Of course, the denominations which lost their conservative wings over this issue are shrinking at an alarming pace, and so is the United Methodist Church – but only in America. As UMC member Mark Tooley, the president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, pointed out in his “Juicy Ecumenism” blog in April, the church is a global institution dominated at its deliberative conferences by African delegates, who are very nearly all adamantly opposed to same sex marriage. Combined with the minority of like-minded conservatives within the U.S., they can keep the ban in place, says Tooley.

That leaves a breakaway by the homophile minority as a possibility, but Tooley shoots it down. “There is virtually no precedent in American, or global, religious history of liberals creating new denominations. Liberals may take over already existing denominations, but when have they generated new ones? It’s very rare.”

It is somehow both satisfying and appropriate knowing that the Methodist missionaries to Africa of centuries past did such a good job teaching the Gospels as universal and eternal truths that the churches they planted can now preserve the home church from error.

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