“Former Priests with emphasis on former” : Coherent ! something to be welcomed !

” one  is  free  to  have an opinion  but  one  is  not  free  to  be  incoherent”

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This  blog  is  delighted  that  the  persons supporting  legalizing same -sex  “marriage” in Minnesota  are former priests.

We  welcome  this  coherent  position  and  hope  that  these  individuals  are  presently in  secular  /  atheists  groups.

We  encourage  other like- minded pastors and  priests  who  are  still  in Christian churches  to follow  this  coherent  example and  leave  as  they are  really  functional  atheists who belong in atheist / secular  groups.

We  thank  these  former  priests for  leading  the way in coherence  in  this matter.



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82 former Catholic priests support legalizing same-sex marriage in Minn.

Posted: Mar 10, 2013 3:58 PM ESTUpdated: Mar 10, 2013 5:06 PM EST

by Shelby Capacio – email

Saying it is time to eliminate language that discriminates against a good number of citizens, more than 80 former Catholic priests are coming together in support of legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

A total of 82 priests, who together have spent 1,026 years in service to the Catholic Church, have formed the Former Priests for Marriage Equality.

In a statement, the group said it supports revising state statutes to grant same-sex couples all the rights and duties awarded to a man and woman entering into a marriage contract in the state.

“State law should allow every individual to exercise the right to marry the person that he or she loves,” the group asserted.

The priests issued a call to “all people of good will” to support the law, and urged lawmakers in both chambers to address the issue in a timely manner.

Below is a full list of the former priests involved in the organization:

Name Years
John Battiola 7
Eugene Beniek 8
Charles Bloss 5
John Braun 13
Leo Bulger 3
Richard Burbach 23
John Burns 14
Ed Chmielewski 17
Tom Christian 6
Tom Coleman 11
Don Conroy 12
John Cowan 8
Adam Crabtree 5
Fred Cussler 29
Pat Dooley 10
Bill Dorn 7
Dick Dorr 16
Robert Duffy 25
Jogues Epple 10
John Estrem 23
Doug Fiola 10
Jim Fitzpatrick 10
Ed Flahaven 48
Jack Flaherty 20
Peter Fleming 13
Dave Gair 5
Norbert Gernes 10
Charles Grant 12
Myron Helget 10
Timothy Hodapp 12
Tom Hooley 15
Ron Hopfensberger 14
Wayne Hornicek 6
Bob Johnson 28
Jerry Kegler 14
Frank Kenney 14
Kevin Kenney 10
Robert W. Kline 11
Ed Kohler 15
Jim Leith 23
Bob Loftus 14
Joe Lutgen 3
Dick McCarthy 12
Chuck MacDonald 11
Gary Meitz 6
Bob Minton 12
Dan Moga 16
Paul Mohrbacher 16
Bill Moore 7
George Moudry 16
Paul Newpower 25
Rufus North 6
James O’Leary 10
Martin Olsen 13
Tom Oswald 14
Elmer Pierre 9
Charles Pilon 8
Richard Podvin 17
John Pribyl 4
John Reardon 11
Joe Reid 4
Bob Reinkober 7
Bill Rose 6
Jim Rummel 14
Gerry Sande 8
Mark Scannell 15
Barry Schade 3
James Scully 7
Joe Selvaggio 11
Nathan Simmons 6
Jim Smith 15
Ray Spack 15
Michael Summerfield 13
Tom Sweeney 21
Larry Thomas 10
Dick Thurner 15
Clarence Vavra 38
Dave Vinck 12
Jim Whelen 8
Brian Willette 10
Ron Wunderlin 3
Jerome Zetah 3


Read more: 82 former Catholic priests support same-sex marriage in Minn. – KMSP-TV http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/21567946/82-former-catholic-support-legalizing-same-sex-marriage-in-minn#ixzz2q9PKkmwS

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