Tolerant of …. what ? ? ?

In the video  below  LGBT activists, Human Rights  activists  and  others

speak to Jamaicans  of  the need  for  “tolerance” of  LGBT  behaviour.

Following  the video  is  an LGBT activist  response  to  Rev  Scott  Lively  and  

Peter  LaBarbera’s  initiative  to start  an  international  Pro-traditional  family


Lastly, after  this  comment  the  objectives  of  the Pro-traditional family coalition  

are  presented.


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Having been humiliated at home, with Americans rejecting their outrageous lies and bigotry, two activists who run organizations dubbed hate groups by the Southern Poverty

LawScott Lively 300x224 Porno Pete and Scott Lively Join Up To Form New International Hate Group

Center, are taking their venomous act overseas. Porno Pete LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, and Scott Lively, author of the Holocaust revisionist book, The Pink Swastika, are holding a press conference in Washington to announce the launch of their new hate venture. According to their press release:

The Coalition for Family Values, whose purpose is to unify and coordinate pro-family groups around the United States and the world to more effectively oppose the now-global LGBT agenda.

People have often asked why we cover these clowns. It is because when they go overseas they are often treated as experts, rather than discredited extremists. Lively is a fascist who has influenced anti-gay policies in Russia and Uganda — among other places. Porno Pete recently visited the homophobic enclave of Jamaica to promote intolerance in a land that is already hostile to LGBT people.

LaBarbera and Lively know that they have no chance to succeed in nations that protect free speech and freedom of assembly. In such countries, people learn the truth about LGBT people over time and lose their fear. This leads to acceptance and eventually equal rights. These two nefarious charlatans understand very well that they aren’t persuasive and never win logical arguments. Thus, they have become fascists and now campaign in nations that lack basic liberties and human rights protections.  If they can criminalize coming out in these backward lands, LGBT people have no chance to share their stories and change public opinion. They know they can’t win with a free and fair debate, so they are helping to enact brutal, repressive laws to cut off debate before it begins.

What these two fascists are doing is unconscionable, despicable, and downright unAmerican. They are campaigning to ensure that LGBT people abroad don’t have access to the same basic constitutional protections we have in the United States. As such, they are working against American interests and conducting a form of shadow foreign policy that undermines our most basic values. The headline of their press release says it all: “New International Coalition Praises Russian Pro-Family Laws and Urges Other Countries to Follow Suit.”

Porno Pete Porno Pete and Scott Lively Join Up To Form New International Hate Group Why would Americans rally in support of a totalitarian police state that has enacted a blasphemy law, persecutes minorities, and prosecutes political opponents? Why would people who claim to care about free trade and capitalism support a regime that regularly attacks small business owners and is so rife with corruption that payoffs and kickbacks are the price of doing business?

Apparently, these traitors only pay lip service to United States Constitution, but jump at the chance to support Putin, who suppresses free speech and is suspected of conducting unfair elections. The real goal of these two monsters is creating a worldwide Christian theocracy. If it suits their purpose to wrap themselves in the American flag, they’ll do it while whistling “God Bless America.”  If it is to their advantage to wrap themselves in the Russian flag and pal around with a former KGB operative who reinvented himself as an authoritarian dictator — so be it. These are not patriots, but seditious men with no loyalty to America who spit on our most cherished values.

In formally entering the international arena, these hatemongers have a lot of competition. Most notably is the Rockford, IL-based  World Congress of Families. This is the radical organization that is responsible for much of the global crackdown on LGBT people. The LGBT community needs to keep meticulous records on the overseas activities of these Americans. There would be nothing more delightful than to see them tried before an international court, sentenced, and locked in a cage for the rest of their natural lives.

If you are in Washington, DC, here is information on the Porno Pete/Scott Lively press conference,.

When: Friday, February 21, 10:00 a.m.
National Press Club,
Zenger Room,
529 14th Street N.W.,
Washington, DC


About the Author

Wayne Besen is the Founding Executive Director of Truth Wins Out and author of “Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth” (Haworth, 2003). In 2010, Besen was awarded the “Visionary Award” at the Out Music Awards for organizing the American Prayer Hour, an event which shined a spotlight on the role American evangelicals played in the introduction of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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Scott Lively’s New Anti-Gay Coalition: Governments Should Suppress LGBT ‘Propaganda’

SUBMITTED BY Peter Montgomery on Friday, 2/21/2014 5:02 pm

Anti-gay activists Scott Lively and Peter LaBarbera held a press conference today to announce the formation of a new Coalition for Family Values to fight the “destructive” LGBT agenda around the world. They were joined by “ex-gay” activist Greg Quinlan and Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania. Linda Harvey of Mission America sent a supportive statement.

And don’t worry about calling these guys anti-gay. The rationale behind their new coalition seems to be that too many other Religious Right leaders will only speak out against marriage equality but not against homosexuality itself for fear of being labeled a hater or bigot. That approach, said Lively, is “unprincipled.”

The coalition’s statement says:

“…the vast majority of the people of the world do not accept the notion that sexual deviance should be normalized. It is time that these voices are heard on the world stage before the so-called elites of the Western powers impose their inverted morality on everyone through the manipulation of international law, which they clearly intend to do.”

To explain why a new coalition was needed – after all, it’s not as if there aren’t already plenty of groups pushing anti-gay policies overseas — Lively said:

“We believe that the pro-family movement is not being well represented at the moment. Because most of the people that are in the leadership positions are afraid to speak the plain truth because of the media….We’re not against gay marriage and gay adoption because they’re just bad public policy. We’re against them because homosexuality itself is harmful to the people who practice it and to society.

The organizing statement written by Lively and signed by his new coalition partners says,

“Let us pray for healing for those who choose the LGBT path, and (within reason) respect their right to be wrong in their private lives. But let us not allow the LGBT political movement to transform the world in its own distorted image.”

For Lively, respecting “within reason” people’s right to be “wrong” seems to be limited to society not persecuting gay people who have sex in private. He says he doesn’t believe people should go to jail for what they do in their own bedroom, as long as they aren’t trying to move society away from what he believes is a biblical approach to sexuality – what he calls the “one flesh paradigm.” He said, “And that if you’re going to be engaged in that kind of behavior, then stay in the privacy of your home and not try to transform the mainstream culture according to your sexual values.”

Another point of the press conference was to praise Russian anti-gay laws. Says the coalition statement, “we want to praise the Russian Federation for providing much-needed leadership in restoring family values in public policy, and to encourage the governments of the world to follow the excellent example that the Russian government has set in 2013 and 2014 by banning LGBT propaganda to children and limiting the adoption of children to natural families only.” Peter La Barbera cited a poll saying that 74 percent of Russians say homosexuality should not be accepted in society, adding, “Good for the Russians.”

Lively said his goal is not the criminalization of homosexuality. But, he said, the government has “an affirmative duty to protect the natural family and to discourage all sex outside of marriage.” He says he’d like to return to the days “when adultery was a criminal act.” Such laws, he says, would be lightly enforced, but would help discourage sex outside marriage. What really bothers Lively, he says, is that pro-LGBT ideology has “infiltrated” the government; there needs to be a “separation of LGBT and state” so that the government is not allowed to advocate for “the homosexual perspective.”

Pushed by conservative activist Cliff Kincaid about the ways the anti-gay “propaganda” law in Russia is being used to suppress free speech and freedom of the press, Lively said he didn’t favor that. But he said he was “torn.”

“There is a zero sum equation here – that you’re either going to have society that believes that sex belongs inside of marriage only, or that it’s really anything goes within the principle of mutual consent. Those two ideas are mutually contradictory. In Russia, the Russian policy is to favor the pro-family perspective and suppress the speech of those who are against it. In the United States, it’s the pro-gay perspective that’s favored and anything against that is being suppressed.”

When Kincaid challenged that claim, noting that Lively was holding a news conference and, unlike gay rights advocates in Russia, he wasn’t been arrested or beaten, Lively said, “I wish there was a good balance that could be struck.”

“I try to make all of my policies based on principle, and my principle is, the most important thing in dealing with this issue is that we need to affirm the biblical standard of one-flesh sexuality. All sex outside of marriage is harmful to society. Now, right now, the challenge to the Russians is how far are they going to let aggressive homosexual propagandists get a foothold in their society. And they’re looking at the United States, and they’re seeing what’s happening here.

When we started extending tolerance to these activists — you know in the 1950s, Dale Jennings of the Mattachine Society said the goal of the gay movement was the right to be left alone – that’s a direct quote. And as soon as we extended tolerance, then they began demanding more, and more, and more. You give ‘em an inch and they take a mile.

If there were some balance we could have, in which people who want to live discretely in a gay subculture can articulate their views in context, in which it’s not going to be tearing down the fabric of society, then I’m all for that. But if the only choice is suppressing a harmful propaganda, and giving it free reign, I’m going to choose the suppression of the harmful propaganda. Because we’ve seen in our country the consequences of not doing that.

Lively complained about businesses being punished for refusing to provide services to same-sex couples. “This is what the homosexual activists do. They are the worst bullies in society. If you dare to stand up to them, even if all you say is that I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, they try to destroy you.”

Lively made a similar point about the anti-gay law in Uganda. He claimed to have encouraged parliamentarians there to focus on “prevention” and “treatment” of homosexuality rather than punishment, and said he believes the law is overly harsh. He even said he had turned down a Ugandan who wanted to join the new coalition. But, he said, he was asked, “If you could only choose between the Ugandan law minus the death penalty, or complete freedom for the homosexual agenda in Uganda, which one would you go with?” His answer: “And I said, well, I would have to with the restriction, because you have to put the children ahead of the adults. And that’s what Russia is doing…it’s the lesser of two evils.”

Both Lively and LaBarbera were contemptuous of the notion that same-sex couples with children could be considered a family. In response to a question about children with gay parents, Lively said he rejects the premise that they are a family.

“I think there’s a false premise in your question, that these are families. I don’t believe that they are families. I think when two people who define themselves by a type of sexual behavior put their own sexual interests ahead of the interests of children, that that is not a family.”

Lively said same-sex couples are “posing” as mothers or fathers.  LaBarbera denounced “the bizarre concept of subjecting innocent children to households that are intentionally motherless or intentionally fatherless.”

Gramley from the Pennsylvania AFA affiliate said that children exposed to “homosexual propaganda” in schools, books, video games, and entertainment are like “lab rats” or “guinea pigs.” Said Gramley, “We recognize the outcome of this war on the family will determine the very future of humanity itself.”

Linda Harvey’s written statement sounded a similar tone:

“To be a faithful Christian in many of today’s U.S. public schools means for many students that they walk into a daily atmosphere of sexual anarchy, institutional bigotry and widespread deceit….Our next generation in the U.S. is being deliberately corrupted through such wayward guidance from deviant adults. We applaud the steps Russia is taking to ensure this is not the path for their students, and we encourage more countries to make the same wise choice, to say ‘no’ to homosexual activism.”

Lively seems unwilling to entertain the idea that his years of travelling the world to denounce LGBT people as threats to children could be in any way responsible for violence against LGBT people. “We unequivocally condemn any violence against anyone, including homosexuals,” he said. LaBarbera chimed in to say neither Lively or other activists he works with have ever espoused violence or hatred. Really.

Lively said he only put out the word to get coalition members two days ago and that responses are flooding in from around the world. Among the recognizable Religious Right figures who signed up are Matt Barber, Tim Wildmon, Bryan Fischer, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Janet Porter, and Sally Kern. No haters there.

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