Of morons, mental retards and the mentally ill.

” fools  rush in where wise men never go”

Sexual  orientation  is  said  to  have  three  components : 1.Attraction  2. identity  3. behaviour.

Our  legal system generally  holds  that  save  for  the mentally  ill  and morons  all  citizens are  able  to choose  how  they behave  and  are  responsible  for  the outcomes  of  those  behaviours.

Amazingly,  LGBT activists  and  their supporters are  claiming  that  the Universal Declaration of  Human Rights  (UDHR) , an honourable  document promulgated  by  the United  Nations on December 10th, 1948, gives  Men who have Sex with Men  (MSM) “rights”  to  fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing, anal penetration, jack hammering  etc.   

Are  LGBT  activists  and  their  supporters  mentally  ill ,  retarded  or  simply  depraved   to  choose  to  pursue  these  behaviours  as “normal  and  positive”  aspects of human sexuality ?

Fortunately  choice  of  behaviour  is  real as  the article  below  indicates .

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New Groundbreaking Ex-Gay Documentary to Premiere February 28 in Tulsa, OK

February 21, 2014

Dennis Jernigan’s Story of Hope, Destiny, and Restoration Sure to Inspire

Sing Over Me_Poster_mediumSing Over Me is a new, one-­and-­a-­half-­hour documentary about award-­winning singer and songwriter Dennis Jernigan and his painful journey and battle with same-­sex attraction while living as a professing Christian. “It was a life,” he says, “that was filled with shame.” Yet, this is not a story against homosexuality. Rather, it is a story of hope, destiny and restoration.

To release Fall 2014, by Free Verse Films (Los Angeles, CA), the film will premiere at a special live event on Friday, Feb. 28, 7:00 p.m., at Eastwood Baptist Church; 949 S. 91 E. Ave.; Tulsa, OK. Jernigan will be at the event, which will include an opening time of worship, a special screening of the documentary, and will be followed by a question-­and-­answer session.

As a kid, Jernigan recognized he was “different.” When he heard men from his church discussing homosexuals, he recognized–whether the men knew it or not–they were talking about him. Their words were not kind.

“As a child, I thought God hated me. I thought homosexuals were going straight to hell. I was hopeless,” he shares. Jernigan battled that sense of hopelessness throughout high school and college, feeling condemned from the messages he heard from the pulpit; yet he was unable to change.

But obviously something did change. It is the core of his message today.  ”I’ve often heard people say, ‘You do more damage than good by telling someone they don’t have to be homosexual.’ I’m not telling them they have to do anything. I’m just telling them God loves them and here’s how He loved me. This is my story.” This event is open to the public.

ABOUT DENNIS JERNIGAN -­ He has penned hundreds of worship songs, including well-­known choruses such as “You Are My All in All,” “We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory” and “Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus” and has collaborated with artists such as Twila Paris, Natalie Grant and Rebecca St. James. He walked away from the homosexual lifestyle more than thirty years ago, married and has nine children. “I have never referred to myself as a recovering homosexual,” Jernigan says of his past.  ”Never have, never will. I am signed, sealed, delivered, utterly and irrevocably who my Father says I am … a new creation.”

Tickets for the upcoming premiere are $10 online or $12 at the door and are available at


For additional information on the documentary, or if you are interested in hosting a screening at your school or church, email:  singovermemovie@gmail.com

RELEASE DATE: Fall 2014Watch the trailer:http://www.singovermemovie.com/#!tr ailer/c22wtWHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING:“Sing Over Me is a beautiful and artistic, yet raw and honest portrayal of Dennis Jernigan. As a former homosexual and music lover, my soul connected with this film on multiple levels. The message of hope, love, compassion, faithfulness, and perseverance that Dennis personifies through his story of overcoming same-sex attraction and living out God’s true plan for him is inspirational.”Christopher Doyle, MA, LCPCDirector of International Healing Foundation and Co-founder and President of Voice of the Voiceless
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