A correction .

It has been brought to Testifyingtotruth ‘s attention that  the following  item  was

posted  on  LGBT activist  Maurice  Tomlinson’s Facebook  page  today, Thursday

March  20th.

In the post  Tomlinson accuses  Dr. Wayne  West, Chairman of  the Jamaica

Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) of  deliberately lying and  doing  bad  

science  for  stating  in  the JCHS affidavit for  the court case reviewing  Jamaica’s  

buggery  law  that” anal sex is inherently infectious” 

Paragraph  53 of   the  JCHS  Affidavit states :
” The Coalition counters that the burden and impact of HIV on men who have sex with men stems from the inherently infectious practice of anal penetration. I exhibit hereto marked Exhibits WW20a and 20b, excerpts from the NAM (National Aids Manual) AIDSMAP (UK) http://www.aidsmap.com/Anal-intercourse/page/1323531/, accessed February 19, 2014, which reports that unprotected anal intercourse carries a higher risk of sexual HIV transmission than unprotected vaginal intercourse. ”

Dr. West  states  that  Tomlinson’s  correction  is valid  and  duly  noted and  that  the  

item  should  have  read ” the inherently risky practice  of  unprotected anal  


Readers  of   this  Blog  can rest  assured  that Dr.  West  and   the  JCHS  will  and  are  

already  seeking  to  effect  the necessary correction.  

xxxx  E N D S  xxxxx


Maurice Tomlinson

35 minutes ago near Toronto, Canada · Edited


Dr. Wayne West is a radiologist. He is also head of the Jamaica Colition for a Healthy Society, a fundamentalist religious group that is opposed to the recognition of the human rights of LGBT Jamaicans. Dr. West has consistently used his medical credentials to push his anti-gay agenda, even resorting to blatantly unethical behavior, for which I personally think he should be disciplined by the University of the West Indies, Mona where he works, as well the Medical Association of Jamaica.

In court documents opposing a repeal of the Jamaican anti-sodomy law he states that anal sex is inherently infectious. This blatant lie could be excused because, after all, Dr. West is NOT an epidemiologist. He therefore does not specialize in the science of how infectious diseases are actually spread. HOWEVER, his statement is at best unresearched hogwash, unworthy of the academic standards of the university, OR at worst, constitutes ethical misconduct of the highest order.

The FACT which ANY medical practioner MUST know is that it is UNPROTECTED anal intercourse with an INFECTIOUS partner which is “inherently infectious.” By West’s logic, simply having anal sex will transmit HIV! Not true. If neither person is infectious (i.e., negative for HIV or if positive is on effective ARV treatment) then the risk evaporates. Further, if the inserting partner uses a condom, even if they are infected, the chances of transmitting HIV are significantly reduced. Instead of admitting this simple fact (which he has been PUBLICLY called out on, even by non-scientists) West persists in repeating his lie, and has even sworn an oath to it! He is, in my humble opinion, an unrepentant bigot who wants to stigmatize and demonize gays.

I call upon the University of the West Indies to reign in this fundamentalist lose cannon, or forever risk having their good name tarnished by being associated with sham science.

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