The “utterly fascist , utterly Stalinist ” Gaystapo as per usual – add David Foggin


The  USA  is no longer  “the  land  of  the  brave  and  the  free”  under  the  new  secular  

gods  “it  is the land  where  sodomy is king  and gay rights trump  all rights“.

In this  new  oppressive paradigm persons  are  being fired  and  suspended  for  making

anti-gay comments.

David  Foggin  is  the latest victim  of  the “utterly  fascist, utterly Stalinist” neo-

colonial imperialist  Gaystapo.


                                                          xxxxx  E N D S xxxxx

US: Students hold rally in support of teacher suspended for anti-gay rant
25th March 2014, 2:14 PM
Scott Roberts

David Foggin (Photo: Facebook)

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A protest has taken place in support of a West Virginia science teacher suspended for making homophobic comments on Facebook.
David Foggin made a bizarre rant in which he compared a gay-straight alliance project at his school to a “street racing” or “deer poaching”.

Earlier this month on Facebook Mr Foggin wrote in a mocked-up advert: “Club meeting at PSHS!! Rally around them and show ur support. We are also considering a drunks-t totaller club, drugged/sober club, smokeless tobacco vs smokes club, street racing, and deer poaching clubs. Please donate and support us. Thank u!!! I think I hear the drag already zinging.”
Last Friday morning, a large crowd of students, parents and other community members gathered outside the school to voice their support of Mr Foggin.
Less than a dozen turned out to speak out against the homophobic rant.
“This is stupid. He got suspended for no good reason,” one student told WTAP.
“It’s all about his personality. If you actually knew him, you wouldn’t be offended by that,” another student added.
“I’m gay myself and I didn’t see the problem with it, half the gay kids in this school don’t see a problem with it,” one student was quoted as saying.
Mr Foggin was put on suspension after high school administrators found out about the post, but he’ll likely return to the classroom soon. The students go on spring break next week, and the school board is set to review the suspension after that to decide whether the suspension is paid or unpaid.
‘It will be until spring break. He’s not in the classroom this week,” Wood County Schools Superintendent Pat Law said. “That’s up to the board as to whether to approve it or not.”
The incident is still under investigation.

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