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15″I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth”.

…..  Rev 3 :15 – 16 ….. 


Fortunately  present  membership suggests  that the functional  atheist  and  dead  so-called  “church ” of  England  should  cease  to  exist  within the next  20 years


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Will Church of England sack gay priests for marrying their partners?

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw urges the Church of England to be more clear on whether priests will be punished for marrying their same-sex partners

Photo via Andrew Cain/Twitter.
Church of England is being told it needs to make it clear whether it will sack a priest for marrying a same-sex partner.

Ben Bradshaw, a gay Labour MP, has accused the Church of ‘trying to have its cake and eat it’ by accepting same-sex marriage for members, but not for clergy.

Raising the question in the House of Commons today (27 March), the former cabinet minister asked how the Church would discipline any who disobey its ruling.

‘It’s a bit of a muddle and I think what we would need – what people want – is some clarity,’ Mr Bradshaw said, as reported by the BBC.

‘What’s difficult, particularly for those priests who have said already, publicly, that they would like to marry – or they intend to marry – their long-term partner, I think they need to know where they’re going to stand.

‘Are they going to be disciplined? Are they going to be sacked?’

Bradshaw, who entered into a civil partnership back in 2006, said it would be ‘pretty extreme’ for a priest who rebelled against the ruling.

The Church of England’s House of Bishops issued guidelines on same-sex marriage last month.

In them, it said the Church would still support ‘unreservedly’ any married gay Christian.

But for priests, ‘getting married to someone of the same sex would, however, clearly be at variance with the teaching of the Church of England.’

The challenge on how the Church of England will respond to a married gay priest will be answered this Saturday (29 March).

London clergyman Andrew Cain will be saying his ‘I dos’ on the same day the first gay couples can marry in England and Wales.

He told the Daily Beast he had been summoned to the home of Bishop of Edmonton Peter Wheatley who reprimanded him for his open defiance and told him to abandon his wedding plans.

‘He was offended about the fact that I was being public in my opposition to the bishops, and I said, “Well, actually I think you are wrong and I’m sorry but this is conscientious dissent”,’ Cain said.

A church official has said Cain could be sanctioned or even dismissed for ‘conduct unbecoming’ the clergy. Wheatley declined to comment on the meeting.

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