He,being his own god, functional atheist the Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John is the Dean of St Albans.


“If you love me, keep my commands”.
……. John 14:15……


Dr Jeffrey John: Most Church of England people agree, same-sex weddings ‘have God’s blessing already’
29th March 2014, 10:50 AM

Now that same-sex couples can marry in England and Wales, Britain’s most senior openly-gay cleric the Dean of St Albans Dr Jeffrey John has written for PinkNews to congratulate couples getting married, and to reassure them that they “have God’s blessing already”.
Along with very many Church of England people (in fact I think most of them, despite the impression that is given by the official spokesmen) I am overjoyed that marriage is now possible for gay people, and I wish those who are getting married today and in the future every happiness.
I don’t doubt that God is rejoicing too, because when two people love each other and commit themselves to one another in this way, they are expressing the deepest part of themselves, the part that is closest to God’s own nature as Love.
I hope and pray the day will come soon when the Church will give its official blessing to all couples equally. Meanwhile I’d ask all gay newlyweds please not to judge God by the official Church: whatever it says, you have God’s blessing already.
The Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John is the Dean of St Albans.

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