true or the usual lying propaganda about “homophobic” violence ? .

This  absolutely barbaric lynching  was  brought to Testifyingtotruth’s  


It  is  horrible  and  unacceptable. It is  very difficult  to look at  but we  were  forced  

to look  at it  to  assess  the  veracity  of  what  it is  suppose  to represent.

It  is  said  to  be the  lynching   of  a  gay man in Spanish town , presumably  in  Jamaica  

as  it was posted on Facebook  by someone  who lives  in Kingston , Jamaica.

One  wonders  about  the truthfulness of  the claim  of homophobic  violence  in Spanish  

Town however   as  the  names  on the shops   are  in French  and  the  language  on

  at  least  one of  the T-shirts  is  French . 


is  this  true or  more  of  the  usual  lying  LGBT  propaganda  about  “homophobic” violence?

  Gay beaten in Spanish town

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