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Russian MP


Chairman of the Russian Pensioners Party Igor Zotov suggests to amend the Russian Constitution in order to protect traditional family values from same-sex marriages.

Zotov proposed to amend the Article 38, Part 1 of the Constitution which, according to the MP, should say: “Motherhood and childhood, marriage as a voluntary union of a man and a woman, are protected by the state”.

Currently, neither the Russian Constitution, nor the Russian Family Code contain explicit bans for same-sex marriage.

“Providing same-sex couples with equal status with traditional couples entails distruction of the family institution, because our society tends to think that approval by the state means that it is an appropriate model. To avoid this, we propose to amend the Constitution, to secure that marriage is a voluntary union between a man and a woman,” said Zotov.

In a comment to Snob.ru Zotov said:

Homosexuals, if they wish to do so, can cohabitate, but theydonot need to show their wedding to the whole country. I’m not against them, let them do what they want, but marriage is a union between a man and a woman which would be protected by the state. I am categorically against legislative recognition of same-sex unions. We also adopted a law against the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships, didn’t we? A same-sex wedding would be considered propaganda. If someone thinks the union of man and man or a woman with a woman is a family, then I can not call it as such.

I’m heading the Russian Party of Pensioners, and we are all pro-reform, but we are conservatives in regard to traditional family values. What is happening now in Europe, support for gay marriage in fifteen countries , and just a week before they were joined by Wales in the UK. for Russia it is unacceptable. So we decided to fix it in the Constitution, as did Bulgaria , Latvia and many other countries . We have a concept of marriage in the Family Code, but it may be amended without attracting a number of deputies, which I plan to draw : to amend the Constitution of the Russian Federation, 90 signatures of MPs are needed. Why would I want to amend it in the Constitution? Because it is the Basic Law, the President swears on the Constitution to all people.

Same-sex marriage will haunt Western countries and will impact the population policies. By adopting children and calling themselves “a parent ‘s number one” and “a parent number two” they are subjecting a child to great psychological stress, and children grow up not fully fledged, they grow up as social outcasts. For our country, this practice can lead to a disaster.


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