Boneheaded. More stupidity on display – functional atheists show their incoherence.

” If we lose  the right to call  stupidity what  it is ” stupidity” – we  will  have lost  a  tool  which  is  essential  for  good  governance”

….  Testifyingtotruth …

” Fools  rush in where wise men never  go”

Regarding homosexuality and  gender  fluidity  as  “normal  and  positive”  is  completely  illogical because such a  philosophical  commitment  requires  the  rejection of  design  in the  universe as an important  consideration  in the definition of  normal  and  abnormal.

Those  who  reject  design in the universe  in the  consideration of  normality have  replaced  design  with  subjective  feelings  and  desires.

 In this paradigm  nothing  can be  considered  to be truly  right or  wrong , normal  or  abnormal.  The  sole arbiter  of  these  will  be  the desires of  the  powerful in the society

In the article  below  functional atheists  of  the United  Church of  Christ  and  other  denominations i.e  those  who claim  a belief in God but  determine  right and  wrong  by  their  own reason, are suing for a right to “marry”  same-sex  persons.

By  their  actions  these  incoherents  are  claiming  that  the  perfect, all-  wise and all – intelligent  God  who made the universe rejects  design as  a necessary component  of  normality  in His creation. 

Of  course  the Creator  does not  reject  design as  the incoherents  do but rather  placed  design on a firm footing  as  a necessary  component  of  normality when He  made Eve for  Adam  and  declared  that  marriage  is  defined as  being  between  a  man and  a  woman  who  are  complementary in both anatomy and  physiology

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Defending True Religious Liberty: Church Files Lawsuit in Support of Marriage Equality

Posted: 04/28/2014 11:15 am EDT Updated: 04/28/2014 11:59 am EDT


This morning in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United Church of Christ filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. This suit argues that the current law in North Carolina, as it pertains to marriage, violates religious freedom by prohibiting UCC ministers, and other clergy, from officiating at same-sex marriages.

After the passage of Amendment One in 2012, it became illegal for a member of the clergy to officiate at a wedding where a marriage license is not present. And, of course, in North Carolina, it is impossible for a same-sex couple to obtain a marriage license. That means that any member of the clergy who officiates at a same-sex marriage in the state may be sentenced to “120 days in jail and/or probation and community service.”

In other words, the state of North Carolina is telling clergy that it is illegal to pray in the manner in which they see fit.

For those of us who are people of faith, marriage is more than just a civil ceremony. It is also a religious one. And under the current law, even if a member of the clergy is only intending to perform a religious ritual, and not to legally marry a same-sex couple, they could be arrested.

The United Church of Christ, along with several other Christian denominations as well as other religious traditions, has long advocated for equal marriage. In 2005, the denomination passed a resolution which affirmed, “equal marriage rights for couples regardless of gender and declares that government should not interfere with couples regardless of gender who choose to marry and share fully and equally in the rights, responsibilities and commitment of legally recognized marriage.”

That means that for the 1 million plus members of the UCC, and especially the members of over 150 UCC churches in North Carolina, state law is requiring them to choose between what is religiously permissible in their denomination and what is legally permissible in their state. In other words, North Carolina state law is making it a crime for some Christians to freely exercise their religion.

We often hear that religious liberty is under attack in our country. Often the fact that same-sex couples are allowed to marry is cited as evidence of this attack. But, as this law makes clear, the religious liberty of same-sex couples and their officiating clergy is what is truly being blatantly attacked. This should outrage anyone who claims to believe in religious freedom.

There are couples in North Carolina who are waiting to be able to legally and religiously marry. There are many clergy who are standing by ready to officiate at their weddings. And there is a law that is stopping them.

Today, the United Church of Christ, along with plaintiffs which include three UCC ministers, two Unitarian Universalist clergy, one Lutheran pastor, one Baptist minister, and one rabbi, as well as the eight extraordinarily courageous and faithful couples they seek to marry, are taking a stand for religious freedom in North Carolina. They are standing up for true religious liberty. And they are saying it is no longer acceptable to oppress the religious rights of all in the name of the religious preferences of the few.

May God bless them, and may God bless North Carolina with true religious freedom.

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