Jamaica , the Gaystapo is here ! UWI Professor Brendan Bain is in their crosshairs – are you next ?



English  Blogger Alan Craig  pointed out  that  LGBT  rights  activists  conduct  themselves  like  the  Nazi  Gestapo.

He  coined  the  word  “Gaystapo” to  facilitate  the comparison.

Craig’s descriptions  and  predictions  are  spot on. 

The  Caribbean  Gaystapo  is  showing  that  it  comes  with  all  the  arrogance, intolerance and bullying  as  its  foreign counterparts.


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Confronting The Gaystapo

Having forcibly – and understandably – rectified the Versailles-type injustices and humiliations foisted on the homosexual community, the UK’s victorious Gaystapo are now on a roll. Their gay-rights storm troopers take no prisoners as they annex our wider culture, and hotel owners (here) and (here), registrars (here), magistrates (here), doctors (here), counsellors (here) and (here), foster parents (here), grandparents (here), adoption agencies (here) and traditional street preachers (here) and (here) find themselves crushed under the pink jack-boot.

Thanks especially to the green light from a permissive New Labour government, the gay Wehrmacht is on its long march through the institutions and has already occupied the Sudetenland social uplands of the Home Office (here), the educational establishment (here), the politically-correct police (here), and the Guardianista management of the BBC (here). Following a plethora of equalities legislation, homosexuals are now protected and privileged by sexual orientation regulations and have achieved legal equality by way of civil partnerships.


But it’s only 1938 and Nazi expansionist ambitions are far from sated. Flattered by appeasers and feted by the political class, the Oberkommandos from Stonewall and OutRage! have expansive goals for cultural hegemony and have long wanted to march on the next territory. They want to hijack a word and capture our culture at its deepest level. They want to reconfigure relationships, eliminate the traditional family and hence eradicate stable upbringing for our children. They want SSM – same-sex “marriage”.

And, unbelievably, the Conservative prime minister, betraying many centuries of Christian marriage in his green and pleasant land and naively revelling in his Munich moment, makes virtue out of vice, holds a piece of paper aloft and declares triumphantly to the Tory party conference, “It’s Gay Marriage in our time”.

Someone once said, “There is a time for silence and a time to speak… a time for peace and a time for war”, and SSM could be the invasion of Poland, the catalyst for war and a cultural fight-back. Catholic bishops are incendiary, evangelicals are appalled and even the dear old Church of England seems to think SSM is a step too far – “The Church’s view remains of marriage as the life-long union between a man and a woman,” said an Anglican spokesperson (here).

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. For years Winston Churchill was a lone voice against the burgeoning darkness of Nazi ideology and intolerance. In the wilderness and with few public friends, he was marginalised and dismissed as belligerent and a war-monger. He was scorned as a political has-been, out of touch with the then-modern mainstream.

But he saw clearly the hidden hegemonic ambitions of the Nazis and their intended assault on our civilization, our values, our way of life. To the fury of the Nazi leadership in Berlin he exposed the sinister truth, gave a trumpet-call for resistance and rearmament, and in due course galvanised the nation for an epochal battle against the fascist menace.

Our civilisation, our values, our way of life – indeed the national character – are inevitably formed from the values of the Christian faith, as over a thousand years and more ‘Christianity’ and ‘Englishness’ have become fully entwined and fused. So erase Christianity and you erode Englishness and the nation loses its identity and self-confidence. In recent decades gay militants have been in the van of the secularist and new atheist assault on Christianity, and as a consequence our culture has corroded and debased and national confusion and self-doubt has grown.

Christian believers have been a lone voice against the resulting sexualisation, narcissism, hedonism, selfishness and materialism. Marginalised and dismissed as bigoted and homophobic, Christians are now despised as has-been and out of touch with the cool cosmopolitan mainstream.

But the hidden hegemonic ambitions of the Gaystapo have been exposed recently by their plans to annex and redefine ‘marriage’. They already have achieved equal rights through civil partnerships, so to covet the word and undermine a foundation-stone of our civilisation – and nurturing place for our children – betrays other more ominous intentions. They want to change our language, manipulate our culture and thereby impose their world-view on us all. Cultural domination is their aim and fascist-type intolerance (here) of politically-incorrect dissent (here) is their weapon. The eradication of marriage as “the life-long union between a man and a woman” is a huge next step along their way.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman. Who will stand up and publicly confront this new domination and intolerance? In 1938 it was perfectly reasonable to like the German people but hate Nazi ambitions and ideology. Today it is perfectly reasonable to warmly engage with your gay neighbours while at the same time forcefully confronting the vaulting ambitions of gay leaders and their atheist and humanist fellow-travellers.

There is a season and a time for everything under the sun. For Christians, the season of appeasement, fear and cowering in the corner is over. “Whom shall I send,” said the Lord, “and who will go for us?”

Now is the time for people of courage to rise up and defend marriage, our children and the very foundations of our civilisation. The only right response? “Here I am, send me.”

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A Professor’s Trial
Published: Sunday | May 18, 2014 53 Comments

Advocacy groups want UWI lecturer sacked over anti-gay comments

Jermaine Francis, Staff Reporter

A University of the West Indies (UWI) professor has found himself in a prickly spot after testifying in Belize that gay men are at a higher risk of contracting the HIV virus, and that it was in the best interest of that country to retain its anti-same-sex relationship laws.

Professor Brendan Bain, director of the university’s Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Programme (CHART), told the Belize Supreme Court that countries which have repealed their buggery laws have seen an increase in HIV/AIDS rate among the population of men who have sex with men (MSM).

He argued that a change in the law could have a deleterious effect on Belize’s economy.

However, his testimony has not gone done well with some 35 advocacy groups across the region that have demanded that he be sacked from some positions at the UWI.

In a letter to Bain, the UWI’s vice-chancellor, E. Nigel Harris, indicated that key stakeholder groups in the fight against HIV have voiced their displeasure with his testimony and continued leadership of CHART, and as such an advisory committee has been convened to look into his suitability to retain his current position.

Second letter to Harris

The move comes after advocacy groups wrote a second letter to Harris demanding that Bain be removed “from any leadership position in the CHART programme and all positions of representation at the university on issues of HIV and AIDS”.

In the correspondence to the vice-chancellor and copied to CARICOM’s secretary general, Ambassador Irwin LaRoque, on April 24, the groups lamented that the UWI was dragging its feet in removing Bain from directing the CHART programme and other HIV/AIDS-related outreach efforts.

On May 6, Harris informed Bain that a meeting was scheduled for last Monday to consider his “leadership of an institutional body that has a responsibility for the conduct of a regional endeavour affecting diverse members of our communities and funded by funds allocated by a USA-based agency committed to combating HIV/AIDS”.

Adversely affected

Harris said the groups had also expressed that they had been adversely affected by Bain’s testimony “in support of the retention of a law in Belize whose existence continues to discriminate against persons who practise same sex”.

The vice-chancellor made it clear that the committee would in no way be examining Bain’s freedom as an academic to express certain views and conduct scientific research in his own capacity.

Harris stated that Bain was being given the option to present a written or oral testimony to the committee.

He also said the committee would not be considering the facts of the case before the court, but would only be focusing on whether Bain is suitable to continue being the director of CHART.

It is unclear if last Monday’s meeting had taken place as scheduled and efforts to contact Bain were unsuccessful, as he was said to be off the island.

When the vice-chancellor was contacted for a comment, an assistant informed The Sunday Gleaner that the matter was still being discussed and Harris did not wish to speak until it was concluded.

Bain had appeared as an expert witness before the Supreme Court in Belize in the matter of Caleb Orosco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement vs the Attorney General of Belize, supported by various church groups.

Orosco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement are contending that Section 53 of the country’s criminal code, which outlaws same-sex relations between consenting adults, is discriminatory and should be struck from the books.

Bain, who is said to be a devout Christian, had presented more than five different studies, which he claimed showed that MSM are at a higher risk of contracting the disease and it will be costly for the country.

A similar challenge has been mounted against Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law, in which Bain is reportedly to be called as an expert witness by the Jamaican Coalition for a Healthy Society, which is batting for the retention of the law.

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