Removal of the buggery law necessary for the integration of sexual deviance into the social fabric



The buggery law places  a social  barrier  on what  may be  consider  normal  intimate  


The  LGBT  Lobby’s  “rights  agenda”  is  framed  in moral  nihilism (everything is  

permissible).   A necessary  requirement  for  this  agenda  to  progress  is  removal  of  

buggery / sodomy  laws  so  that  all  intimate  activities may  be regarded  as  equal

The  author  of  the letter  below  brings  this  to  the public’s  attention.


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Same-Sex Marriage The Endgame
Published: Wednesday | June 4, 2014 3 Comments

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding has exposed the heart of the current debate over the ‘rights’ claims and the goals of the LGBT lobby.

If, on the basis of personal taste, we eradicate the gender restriction on marriage that has served society well for millennia, on what logical objective basis could the numerical or any other restriction be retained?

It has become increasingly clear that the much-maligned buggery law is a philosophical and legal ‘great wall’, an enormous societal barrier. It is not a barrier to the treatment or the prevention of HIV; that much is clear. Nor is it necessarily any barrier to the exercise of valid fundamental human rights of homosexuals.

On the contrary, it is a barrier to the redefinition of marriage, and the reorganisation of society around new norms. The retention of the law facilitates recognition of natural and unnatural sexual activity based on conformity with design.

It is for this reason that many persons in Jamaica want this law to be retained, and it is for this reason that a determined minority will trample the fundamental freedoms of everyone else to ensure its repeal.





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