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Letters to the Editor
Prof Bain’s advocacy must be worth something
Thursday, June 05, 2014 2 Comments

Brendan Bain

Dear Editor,

Without wanting to add to the flood of words over the issue concerning Professor Brendan Bain, I wish to point out an issue that has been little mentioned in this brouhaha. This is the role that Prof Bain has played in trying to change attitudes among the churches of the Caribbean, with regard to helping those in their communities living with the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

I am personally aware of efforts he has made, of meetings he has held and discussions he has had with ministers, churches and Christian organisations, pleading with them not to let their biblical antipathy towards homosexual practices hinder them from ministering to the infected, sick and dying.

I was one of many Jamaican participants at the CONECAR (Congress on the Evangelisation of the Caribbean) conference in Barbados in 2002, where Prof Bain was in attendance advocating with church leaders from English, Spanish, Dutch and French-speaking Caribbean countries on the issue.

Many within the churches have taken up his advocacy and developed programmes to help those living with AIDS. But they have not trumpeted their works, as Jesus advised them to do. The leadership of CONECAR has continued to lead in this advocacy over these years. Was Professor Bain fulfilling his mandate as head of CHART when he did this advocacy?

If the revered professor would end his silence, and speak up for himself, he could tell of the efforts he had made in this regard, and the buffetings he has taken. Possibly, the LGBT community is unaware of this aspect of Professor Bain’s advocacy on their behalf. If they knew, maybe their attitude towards him would have been different. It is unlikely that UWI is unaware of these efforts of Professor Bain, yet they surrendered to his adversaries. But then, maybe they were not aware.

Lloyd A Cooke
Royal Flat, Mandeville PO

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