The LGBTTTIQ Lobby and the march of utter stupidity.



“Sometimes  the role  of  the intelligent man  is  simply  to point out  the  obvious”

……  George  Orwell ……

Calling  any  sexual  orientation other  than  heterosexual  orientation normal  is

quintessential  stupidity.  This  stupidity  is  now   a  distinguishing feature  of  a brain

dead  western academia.

Utterly  foolish  university  trained  brains  have  rejected  design  in the universe  as  an 

essential criterion  for  normality  and  have replaced  this  essential  consideration with

human desire.  

If  a powerful  but  stupid  elite  wishes  something  to  be  normal  it  is  made  

normal   by  political  leverage   and  legal  gerrymandering.

These  boneheaded  “brights”  are  willing  to  turn  the  social  order  upside  down   in 

order to  impose imcompatible  design  as  normal  and  positive  aspects  of  human

behaviour .

So  for  the  boneheads  two  penises  are  the same  as  a penis  and  a  vagina.  

Society must  accept  this  incoherence  as  normal.

The  boneheads  and  their  equally  stupid  supporters  have made  it  a point  of  

strategy  to  completely  avoid  logic  choosing  instead  ad hominem  arguments and  

emotive  statements.  They  choose  to call opponents  names  like “homophobic”,

“hater”   and   “bigot”.

The  nonsense  is  so  pervasive  that  standard  primary  epidemiological  principles  are  

ignored  with regard  to  HIV  control   by  the  UN, WHO, UNAIDS  etc with devastating  


These fools  continue their  deluded  path  claiming  “rights”  to  buggery  

between  men   whilst  HIV  rates  among  MSM  continue to  soar because  

Men  were  not designed  to  have  Sex  with  Men …..  DUH !!!.

Thirty  years  after  the  HIV  epidemics  were first  discovered  among  MSM  in

American cities  which  had  removed  their buggery  laws  fools  in high  places  

continue  to ignore  the reality of  design in nature  and  are  seeking  to  destroy  social  

order  to  accommodate their  folly.

It is  foolish to  ignore  the reality  of  design in nature.

Nations  which  do  so  will  do  so  at  their  peril.

”  Fools  rush  in where  wise  men  never  go”


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