The bottom line : In the land of Sexualese, the new gay friendly language, speaking truth is homophobia

The bottom line re. CHART’s top post


It will be altogether revealing to see who will take over the top position at the Regional Coordinating Unit of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART), a position left vacant by the honourable and fearless integrity of Professor Brendan Bain. (Hats off to you, Sir!)
Based on current realities, it would seem that this professional must, of necessity, be sworn to ‘sexpert’ political correctness and must be committed to withholding the truth about the public health risks of buggery. He/she must maintain an exclusive focus on promoting the sexual rights agenda without regard to the public purse or the spiralling incidence of HIV among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM).

This Expert will have to be unaware of, or become wilfully ignorant of global, regional and national statistics that highlight the fact that whereas gains are being made in reducing HIV infection among the general population, there continues to be a worrisome increase in infections among the MSM population. Moreso, they must NEVER connect the dots between anal penetration, MSM, HIV infection and buggery laws as a deterrent to the practice of anal penetration. By no means must this Regional Expert be acquainted with HIV reports from the Centres for Disease Control (CDC).

The holder of this top post will need the blessing of the gay lobby – that self-same gay lobby which has the power to snatch the position from him/her at the slightest departure from the twisted definitions of ‘discrimination’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘homophobia’ that lie at the basis of Sexualese – the new gay-friendly language. Curiously, this lady/gentleman must support the sweet-sounding call for evidence-based policies that would stem the tide of HIV/AIDS; at the same time he/she must meticulously overlook the single most important EVIDENCE that would guide such policies even if they have sworn to tell the truth “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, for in the land of Sexualese, speaking truth is homophobia.

So who will be entrusted with this mammoth task of helping to chart our Caribbean sextination with regard to existing buggery laws?

Be patient. You…. We… who knows?

Dr. Veronica Evelyn

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