If homosexuality is normal it would be both illogical and unfair to deny homosexuals same sex marriage.


The  fundamental  question  which  countries  have  to  address with respect  to  homosexuality  and  same  sex  marriage  etc  is  :

is  homosexuality normal ?

When , in 1973, the  American Psychiatry  Association, APA declared  homosexuality to be normal it  was  doing  what  to  this  author’s  knowledge   no  medical  association had  ever  done.  

 The American Psychiatry Association, APA defined  normality  without  reference to design i.e  the  American  Psychiatry  Association made design an irrelevant  criterion in the  definition  of  normality.

It  was  an utterly  foolish  thing  to  do.

By 1981 HIV epidemics  were  discovered  among MSM in American cities which  had removed  their  buggery  laws.

Thirty three  years  later , 2014,  HIV remains  a  challenge  for  the  MSM  community  and  the  reason is  due  to  the design of  the human body.

Researchers  have  found  that  98%  of  the  reason for  the  difference  in HIV  rates  between  male  homosexuals  and  heterosexuals  is  because  of the  practise  of  anal  receptive intercourse  and  the  ability  of  MSM  to play  both  roles in  this  activity.


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