A correction. ” Up your Alley Fair” not “Gay Pride” but depravity remains depravity


It has  been brought to  Testifyingtotruth’s attention  that  the following  scene  is not  from  a Gay Pride event but a completely different celebration of BDSM  called “Up your Alley” in which both homosexual  and heterosexuals  are involved.  This blog was under the impression  that “Up your Alley” was an aspect  of Gay Pride. The event is clearly a celebration of homosexual  and heterosexual depravity.

Depravity  remains depravity  and  Testifyingtotruth  has  always insisted  that  the philosophy  which embraces  homosexuality as normal is more dangerous  than  the  acts  themselves.  This  is  because  such a philosophy can neither offer  a logical definition of  abnormal  nor  has  a capacity to distinguish right from wrong. 

Interestingly but  not  unexpectedly  as  the paragraph above indicates  Gay Pride  has  become  depraved  since  its   initial subdued  manifestation  and  can only become even more depraved . See  below : 



Gay Pride 1972

Early Gay Pride




Gay Pride San Francisco

Up your Alley


Toronto  Gay Pride

Gay Pride

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